Tempted By Trouble is releasing soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

For a woman seeking a fresh start, it’ll take a bad boy to break old habits.
 On April 9, 2018 this contemporary workplace romance by Susan Arden is set to release. 

All it takes is a church, a parking lot, and sparks fly when opposites collide: the doctor and the rancher!

    When Dr. Carolina Rodriguez accepts an assignment in Texas, she's unprepared for her new boss. He’s brash, pigheaded, and sexy-as-sin. She's looking for a change and ends up finding a doorway into a world so different than what she's known growing up in Miami, FL.
    Matthew is the eldest of the McLemore siblings. He's accustomed to hard work and difficult situations, especially when it comes to updating his family's ranch where technology is sorely missing. When a headstrong doctor has answers to why his cattle are dying, he's forced to put aside his fiery attraction to the woman... Unless he can come up with a way to have both the lady and the professional.
     Question is, can two stubborn people overcome their past romance disasters to find love, if it alters some surprising and profound parts of their lives?
Sweet, funny, red-hot romance.

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 of this new edition of Tempted By Trouble.

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2Hbb3Sd

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