On the way to the Super Bowl, this baller steals the show.

Friday, February 3, 2017

A sexy romance comedy to curl up with when it's cold outside.
Girls' Night Out
is on sale to celebrate Super Bowl weekend. 

Bad Boys Book #2 by Susan Arden.
Bestseller Sports Romance
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2l79Sa4
Count Down Deal on Sale Feb. 3-6, 2017
When Cory McLemore plans a bachelorette party, she never imagined running into the gorgeous hunk from the airport.

A full-length novel that explores love and trust for a couple thrust into the limelight. As their attraction catapults from lust into something deeper, are they up for a long distance romance?

~ Sexy Teaser ~
“That’s it?” she whispered. “Is that all I’m going to get?”

Image result for gif you had me at hello

Brett ran his fingers over her firm, round ass, kneading each cheek. God, it took everything in him to keep to his word.
“Don’t push.” With one smart smack, he warned her. The pink stain warming her perfect butt demanded action. “Now, I’m going to undress you.” Picking her up, he moved her to the bed and removed her clothes as promised then spread her lovely legs.
“Tempted?” she asked.
“Very,” he replied, but refrained from touching her beyond what was required. Brett wanted them both on the brink and ready to engage in a wild screaming fuck. Her scorching gaze followed him as he looped the ends of a scarf around one ankle before attaching the end to the bedpost. He walked to the other bedpost and knotted the scarf, then tied the end to her ankle...
After spending the night together, there's a lot more firepower left undiscovered.
Cory is as wild as the wind and Brett Gold isn't about to let her go.

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If you love dirty-talking alpha heroes, you've come to the right ranch. This blog is home to the McLemore bad boys from Texas. Susan Arden writes red-hot romance filled with sexy cowboys and how hard they fall when the right woman comes along. Check out the Bad Boys bestselling series on Amazon. If you're part of the Kindle Unlimited book club, read them for free.
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Sexy romance alert: When a rancher leads a double life...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A little bit of everything Brandon McLemore does is tinged in deceit. Pair him with a woman in need of a ticket to freedom, and things are fast-tracked into complicated right from the start. 

A romance to curl up with and savor: Collared By The Cowboy.

Brandon was born into a ranching family in the heart of Texas. The lifestyle flows in his blood, makes up the marrow in his bones, but more and more, so did the need for more. Reason why he opens a private club in Paris.
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But then Mia walks in the place and both of their worlds collide. It isn't love at first sight. Their chemistry runs hotter, darker, and cut a path into their souls. The friction between them is ache begging to be free. Only they're too hardheaded to see that...in the beginning.

Collared By The Cowboy has ranked #1 in Western Romance, #25 in all of the Amazon Kindle website, and ranked #1 in erotica for BDSM, humor, suspense, and Westerns. This is a sweeping love story with a S-T-O-R-Y. Sub characters and subplots within a bestselling bad boy series. If you're part of the Kindle Unlimited book club, then read it for free with your membership.
Fall in love with a new book boyfriend tonight!
Author: Susan Arden is a retired science teacher. She lives in Nashville with her husband, dog and cats. Besides her love of reading and writing, she's an avid fan of board games, dancing, 80's music, and is training to run a 5k (this year!). Connect with her cocky cowboys in the Bad Boys Western series on Amazon ~ https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00BSTWRIU
Website: www.susanarden.com
Twitter: susanardenauthor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanArdenauthor/

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