Publishing is akin to a birth or an exorcism.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I'm a writer, so this is more than book bellyaching. In days, I'll be free of demons or a clingy child, or maybe both: an attention hog, devil child. Aka a story. Have you been there? If not, let me say, each time is the first time when an author receives a proof. It's a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.

        Sure, the ebook is already out. Yet I'm diving into the world of formatting sleek interiors.  Note to self: THIS IS  NOT EASY! Createspace has rules and for a ruler breaker it was time to up my game. The interior is very 'purdy' and the hot stud on the cover is about to get a run for his money. Here's a PDF of the cover for Breaking a Bad Boy.
          Still... regardless of how immediate an ebook is, there's a weight to the written word. If you ascribe to the full-length novel, then more is more. My stories are bricks. And hey, not for nothing, could be used as a book stop or a weapon if thrown just right. But I do love them, bloodsuckers, soul suffered creations.
       How to go from zero to insane in six seconds? Inbox email reads: the proof is on the way! This is the moment, right before separation. NASA countdown. It's hard to be objective, good God is it hard.

       Reflective, too. A writer writes alone, lives alone within a story world, and kinda dies alone at the end. It's bittersweet and part of the process of birthing a book. Whether this is your first time at bat or not, there's a head rush in doing a face-off with a print copy of a manuscript. The birth of a book is real in a way that can only be understood by those who've walked the walk. That isn't pretentious BS, it's simply a truth and a pinnacle. Sure, anyone can write. No big deal. As the saying goes, just sit down and open a vein.

      Come Dec 8, I'll step back, severing the cord, saying a silent goodbye as a horde of characters leave the nest. This isn't the moment to rest on one's laurels. Suck it up.
       Before an author can say, 'Adios' and safe travels, as gatekeepers, we've got a few duties. In days, I'll have the proof for Breaking a Bad Boy. Before hitting 'approved,' there is a STRUCTURED routine to follow. A surefire set of steps for success, a writer's dance and I'll share how it goes. Stay tuned as I pop the box and hit the ground as published, again. Up next: How to birth a book, proof the proof.
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