Writing Romance: scene by scene.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Writing romance is both a study in the old and new. Authors don't sit down with the expectation of writing the entire enchilada. As such, an author targets a point, and lays down a story scene by scene. Each a mini-story, a defining point in time. 

Tip-tapping, an author paints a multitude of canvases.
Readers look for similar stories based on writer style, genre, and plot. No surprise.On the flip side, writers cultivate ideas to infuse a scene so that even the ordinary becomes sublime. Tick-tock and the point!

Harvesting moments that are funny, energize both an author and a WIP (work in progress). The process isn't difficult but sometimes, simplicity can seem elusive. 
Don't despair. Writing romance doesn't require a trip abroad to become inspired. Really it's an exercise in being open. And seeing the funny side of something commonplace and envisioning 'the what if..." Ideas can be cultivated by happenstance.

Here's the one I latched onto and want to share. Today I just happened to read:
6 Rules Every Wedding Guest in 2016 Should Know by Jen Glantz
Immediately, I thought about how funny it would be if guests from different generations, talked and pondered over the evolution of weddings. 

The method in play:
In reading an article or blog post, or listening to the news or overhearing a conversation, bring a comedian with you. Use a favorite personality in creative ways to recharge a scene. you're about to write or re-write. Channel the voice of say Dave Chappell, Amy Schumer, or my favorite Melissa McCarthy as the characters into a 'what if...' situation.

There's a goldmine out there to excavate lots of ideas to create novel situations. No need to tackle the whole book. Remember we're only interested in making the immediate scene better than good. In crafting a story, torque it by including a funny moment or two to showcase characters. All it takes is tweaking an everyday scene into overdrive.

Happy trails and have fun writing!

Susan Arden

Here's the link to the article by Jen Glantz:  CLICK IT

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