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Friday, June 3, 2016

 Better stand back from these lovers on a mission. It's called outercourse and they're about to investigate how far they can go before someone is about to break.
On the menu this week is:
Breaking a Bad Boy

Say 'hello' to Rory, rugged cowboy and youngest of the McLemore hardcore ranching family.
                   Watch the sparks ignite between one rugged cowboy and girl he intends to marry.
Sommer Kincaid doesn't shy away from trouble.
 No woman could and claim to be in love with a McLemore. As the youngest and feistiest brother in a hardcore Texas cattle family, Rory steps up to secure his parcel of Evermore Ranch land.

Sommer has a couple of plans of her own when it comes to Rory. No one said it would be easy to break a bad boy, but she's gonna sure as hell try!

Well-versed on his personal wildcat, Rory's got a few tricks up his sleeve. On a mission to get hitched to the girl who stole his heart, he turns the tables on who will bend, if not break first.

A regular trial by fire and it only gets hotter and harder.
As these two hardheaded lovers are forced to the edge, their love is put to the test.

 Rory's world unravels after he uncovers the secret under the secret. True to form, this alpha cowboy tears a circuit from Annona out to LA, hell-bent on saving the girl of his dreams before it's too late.
The tension hikes up in this Alpha Male Bad Boys Western romance. Suspense infused, a sexy feel-good love story. Breaking is perfect to curl up with at home or at the beach.

Saturday Spanking Blog Hop ~ July 4, 2016
Excerpt from Breaking
He walked along the side of the chaise. “Hold up your arms, Sommer.”
“Is that an order or is there room to negotiate?” she drawled before biting dead center on her bottom lip.
An order? You saying that’s what you like, spitfire?”
Oh she knew all about BDSM, thanks to her friends, magazines, and e-books. One day, she promised herself, she’d order a pair of handcuffs. She’d ride Rory, giving him a taste of how wild, how exciting sex could get between them.
“Just want to know my options,” she returned.
“I’m taking off your top.” Slowly, he threw a long, muscular leg over the chair, straddling her. Dipping down, he cupped and squeezed her breasts. His thumbs whisked over her nipples and he met her gaze. Pure alpha male lust shone in his dazzling blue eyes. “Or I’ll rip it off your body. Tie your wrists together it. And spank your ass until you, Ms. Smart Mouth, can’t sit down comfortably for a week. Clearer?”

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Kathryn R. Blake said...

That made me laugh. Yup, he made it much clearer. Thanks for the free book, Susan. I got my copy.

Marybeth said... is not working. I'll go to Amazon directly.

Marybeth said... is not working. I'll go to Amazon directly.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Nice snippet Susan, well done!

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