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Friday, May 27, 2016

If a rugged cowboy lights your fire, you've come to the right ranch.
This bad boy is all yours. 
Leather and Lace is free. 

Written by Susan Arden and part of the bestselling 10-book sweet and steamy series: the Alpha Male Bad Boys Western Romance novels written by Susan Arden. 

Brandon McLemore is about to butt heads with Mia Santero. Their fiery affairs starts out as a lie. Innocent yet it spurs their explosive attraction into overdrive. A white-lie that spirals into two lovers telling themselves they aren't falling in love. That they can get out before it's too late.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and welcome to the Saturday Spankings Book Blog Hop!

Memorial Day Teaser Excerpt:

“Are you okay?” he asked and gently smacked her on the back.
“I just swallowed liquid fire.” She took a deep breath which only made the burn worse. She started to cough. It felt like she was going to hack up a lung. Not that she could do much coughing with her ribcage bound within a tight corset. Her cleavage was about to break free from the neckline with his thumping her on the shoulder. When Brandon’s eyes raked over her chest she swore she could feel his heated gaze blister her skin. She chanced a glance down her front. OMFG!
The top of her nipples peeked over the edge of the dress. He was only inches from her and unless he’d gone blind in the last two seconds, he must’ve gotten an eyeful. She flashed a glance up to his face and affirmative.
Awful just got worse.
“Mia. Christ.” His gaze was glued to her boobs. His nostrils flared as he stepped in front of her, and planted his hands on either side of her on the bar.
She didn’t know if he was doing this to help shield her, but she felt caged within his sculpted arms, especially when he refused to look away. She was so close to him, a few paltry inches and they’d kiss.
Mortified by her dress and her desire to lock her lips with him, she stuttered in a hoarse voice, “If you were a gentleman, you’d stop staring.”
“Sweetheart, I am where you’re concerned. You’re still seated and not tossed over my shoulder. Aren’t you? And let me tell you, I’m tempted. Sorely, Mia.” Lifting his eyes, he wasn’t grinning but wore a look of blatant ravenous lust. The hunger in his gaze was so hot, so fixed on her that she felt herself melt.
“In case you need a reminder, it would do you well to remember not to judge of book by the cover.”
Leaning incrementally closer, Brandon dipped his handsome face until he was eye level with her. “I thrive on honesty. You’re unforgettable, Mia. Maybe the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Loosen up. This a private bondage club not meat market. No one will paw you, I promise.”
“That isn’t helping.” Could the floor crack open and swallow her? Right now!

LEATHER AND LACE is FREE this Memorial Day weekend until May 31, 2016, so grab your copy.
Author Note:
This book and the series was lots of fun to write. It involved researching the job and duties of a mental health counselor, which Mia is studying to be in her quest to answer the thesis question as to why people are submissives. On a journey, she discovers the Art of Surrender with Brandon McLemore's help.

Love stories are two-sided, so there was also the side of Brandon as a rancher who's keenly adept at dealing with problematic horses. These books involve family members and the subtle dynamics of being part of a family-run business within a small town in Texas. Part of the Kindle Unlimited program, enjoy these love stories if you're a participant.

Series are a wonderful endeavor to write since as each story evolves, the lives of each character is featured as secondary characters or in cameo appearances. Brandon is a strong secondary character beginning in book #1 Tempted by Trouble. He has the best line, the one the tickles my funny bone in book #3 Badass is Back. Mia and Brandon appear in books 5, 6, and again in books 9 & 10.

If you have any questions, feel free to write.
Happy trails!
Susan Arden

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Kathryn R. Blake said...

Free book by Susan Arden? I picked up my copy. Congratulations on your new release, Susan.

Unknown said...

Hot snippet! I can feel the lust.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Great snippet! I grabbed the freebie - thank you!

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