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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend is coming to a close and so is the PAMPER YOURSELF GIVEAWAY.
You deserve a treat. Don't despair, I've got something up my sleeve.
How about a teaser
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Are you too...
A random hookup too hot to handle? Never say never.
In a torturous game of cat-n-mouse with her step-uncle, it’s Margo’s move.

On the run, she does a body slide right into the arms of a recently discharged Marine. Outside of this crazy fling, there’s zero room in her life for men. Distractions are dangerous to her goal.

From fixing miles of fencing and tending cattle, Rod McLemore is thrust back into the line of duty. And he promptly fails. He crosses the line in a no-brainer mission: go and get the girl. On no hands is he prepared for Margo or her smart-mouth, right hook, and cargo to hide.

Together Margo and Rod are as volatile as flint and gunpowder. Bordering on taboo, their raw attraction is a recipe for disaster. Especially when the stakes are raised.

Their stormy love affair forces them over the edge and out of their comfort zones as they wrangle in-laws, Mother Nature, and a slick conman. A regular trial by fire. But a battle worth fighting means taking a stand. Even if it means they have to lie, steal, cheat.
Or kill.
Rod McLemore and Margo Santero are crash-landing soon!
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Add this pedal to the metal no-holds-barred
340 pages of hot-erotica dirty-dark

If you're a fan of Alexa Riley (I sure as hell am!), then you'll enjoy this edgy possessive romance too.

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