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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Books #9 and 10
Rod McLemore, the wisecracking Marine
 from Collared By The Cowboy is about to get his wish...

Brandon selected another bottle of wine from the pantry. Out in the kitchen Rod was waiting for him. “What’s up?” he asked his cousin.

“You gotta hook me up.” Rod smiled and glanced toward the doorway. “Does Mia have a sister? Cousin? Friend? Anyone who might vaguely resemble her and I would consider it hitting the jackpot.”

“Don’t know. Why? Is this introduction for you?” Brandon snorted.

“Man, I’ll give you back every cent I won. No joke.” Rod raised his palms and nodded. “Every cent and then some.”
~~Collared By The Cowboy

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GAME ON (Novella Book #9) and TOO HOT TO HANDLE (Full length novel Book #10):
Both are releasing January 13, 2016

BOOK #12
Toying with a scene in my head, I COULD NOT help it!!
This was supposed to be my #NaNo entry... but it's rushing out of my fingertips, and I can't stop the flow.

No, I'm not cheating. Promise.
 I'm changing my NaNoWriMo 2015 entry from
Love You Harder to

After The Fall

So enjoy the first teaser from
(no longer my NaNo15 Entry) #amwriting
#CADE #VIV #zeroto60


Nothing I said derailed Cade. At first, I thought he was shallow. Hollow. A shell. That’s what happened to guys who came back from active duty. I’d seen them at VA Hospitals. Worse were the ones who believed they'd faced death and had beaten the reaper. They were the daredevils who had no fear. That emotion along with everything else once living inside them had bit the dust. Ceased to exist.
      “Have a nice life,” I advised him, slipping on my jeans and shirt. “I’m heading out.”

     “Vivian, I’ll drive you,” he replied.
     Shaking my head, I laughed. “Who died and left you in charge? I’d rather walk.”
     A flicker of anger registered in his eyes, then it was gone. I wasn’t imagining it.  
     “In flip-flops?  It’s miles to the ranch.” He chuckled confidently and a little too arrogant for my taste. He got up and out of bed, striding to the terrace doors. Naked.
     In another round of who could one-up-the-other I didn’t back down. “Umm, I’m sure I can find a ride. These thumbs work just fine.” Plastering on a bright smile, I scanned the length of highway that ran a half block from the motel room. Oh crap.There were several guys who met my stare out front in the parking lot and I glanced away. When I refocused on Cade his smile vanished. 
"Don't push. I'll take you back to Evermore for fuck's sake."
    Leaning over, I arched my brow, and sweetly whispered, “Care to make a wager? Just to make it interesting.”
     His carefree I-don’t-give-a-fuck persona cracked. He grabbed hold of my arms and hauled me up against his rock-hard wall of a body. Did I mention he was naked?
And me, I was sandwiched between the wall and a man who’d fucked me. Spanked me. Had me begging for more. What sane woman begged a man to fuck her? Apparently, I had and now what?
 “I don’t have time to play games. Call me when you decide to grow up!”




Leigh Smith said...

Something tells me she is going to have a 'do over'. Hot and steamy.

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I like Leigh's comment, however, I think it's funny that she thinks it's insane for a woman to ask a man to "fuck" her, and yet doesn't think a thing about asking him to spank her. Then again, maybe she didn't ask, he just provided. All the same, she's pulling the tiger's tale here and she's either going to feel his bite or his possession. Congrats on having a story insist on not waiting until November to be told.

Melody Parks said...

My this sounds like a spicy story. I love her spunk!

Renee Rose said...

Sizzling!! i love the tension there.

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