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Well...we'll just fucking see about that!
Turn up the heat.
Sit back.
But don't you dare relax!
   Mia walked ahead of him, her dress reflecting the dim lighting. Within the halls at night, red lighting shone as the only source of illumination. The interior rooms were better lit with lamps; not much brighter, but enough to make viewing from the windows possible.
   “Oh. My,” she gasped softly.
   “Stop here,” he said, guiding her by the upper arm, then directing her toward the back wall so that they could watch unimpeded. It wasn’t just about the interior of the room. The audience was also a part of this fantasy for members. “Do you see the man?” he asked Mia.
   “Inside the room?” She nodded, staring over at the window.
   “Yes. Do you like what he’s doing with the woman?”
   There was a man within the room who had a woman spread over his lap as he sat on a sofa. He paddled the woman, who had her wrists bound and wore a gag in her mouth. The man stopped and powered up a vibrator, inserting it into the woman’s pussy. On this side of the window, there were people seated at tables and a few standing at the sides. It wasn’t uncommon for people to also have sex while watching, and he wasn’t sure if they’d see anyone until they stopped here. A man had his dick out and was getting jerked off by the woman seated beside him.
“What about the other action?” He was much more interested in her reaction to the members in the hall. “Over there. The guy getting a hand job. Do you see what the woman is doing to him?” The man’s partner moved from her seat. She knelt in front of the man’s lap and the bobbing of the woman’s head was unmistakable.
   “Brandon.” Mia’s breathing quickened. He took a step and leaned against the back wall with her in front of him, relishing the tension of wanting her torqueing in his body and tempering the moment of when he’d take her. “Will she do more?” she asked, pressing her hip against his thigh, a couple of inches to the side of where he needed her.
   “If they’d like. There aren’t any restrictions on vanilla sex in the hall or the rooms. Do you like what you see so far?” he asked, his voice tight in his throat.
   “Do you ever come here and watch when you’re alone?”
   “Only to monitor the activities, not as a spectator. But tonight, it’s a turn-on with you.” He forced himself to concentrate on the room and the inhabitants, instead of the pair of delicious hips in front of his groin. He got the gist of the activities about to unfold at this window based on the players inside.
   “Really. Doesn’t watching get old after a while?” she asked in a strained voice.
   “Does sex ever become routine?” He chuckled at her. God, she had no idea the bombs going off in his head, and all because of her. He didn’t know if she would flee after what she’d just witnessed.
   “Ready for another room?”
   “Yes. Please.” She curled her fingers around his arm, just above his elbow. He walked her to the second window where a larger crowd had formed. Two men were in the room with one woman.
   “There are times when threesomes get pretty wild. You okay with that?” he asked, speaking low against her hair.
   “This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this.” She leaned into him with her shoulder, without turning her face, and finished with, “That’s fine.”
    Perfect choice of words. He pulled her toward the back again, and this time she stood on her tiptoes to see around the two sofas and various tables filled with observers. The men inside the room had the woman spread out. One held her hair, making her suck his dick while she rode the other dude underneath. Soon enough, he imagined, one of the men would take her from behind.
   Like clockwork, the man with his shaft being sucked, bent and picked up a bottle of lube.
   “He’s going to fuck her from behind,” Brandon whispered the words against the side of Mia’s face and she sucked in a small gasp. He pulled her to a clearing. “Watch what happens.”
   He stood to the side of Mia, contemplating her as she observed, without obstruction, the moment the man drove his cock into the waiting woman’s ass. At first Mia’s arms were tight against her body, then her lips parted and she lowered her arms. In the crimson light, he noticed a pulsing vein in her neck, beating wildly.
    Is this the type of play that got Mia off? He wondered if this tight-bodied woman enjoyed having her sweet ass manhandled. He looked back to the room and both men were slamming their shafts into their willing partner. That wasn’t the excitement for him, though; it was watching Mia’s rapt attention.
   “A turn-on for some women,” he offered, coming to stand directly behind her and more than tempted to draw her to him, hip-to-precious-hip.
   She bit her lip, sucking the center into her mouth, and he groaned, unable to hold back. He grazed his hands over Mia lush hips, squeezing...testing the feel of her body, then drawing her back to him. Holy—holy shit! He held his breath as his cock jerked from coming into contact with the plump curve of her ass.
   “Oh, yeah,” she whispered, leaning back against him and giving him a taste of sweet, exquisite torture. He closed his eyes, not paying attention to the room or the people in the hallway who were moaning and whispering instructions. Nothing mattered except the feel of Mia’s ass teasing his cock. She ground herself against him and he sampled the edge of pure ecstasy.
   “Baby,” he murmured as she pressed her hands over his, threading their fingers together. No way could he pretend he wasn’t fully aroused. This close to her, he reached out and slid their joined hands along her hips.
   “God, this feels so crazy.” She swayed in front of him, first pressing one curve of her bottom into his groin, then swiping her other round cheek over his crotch. From side to aching side, Mia rocked her hips, rubbing across his erection.
   “Mia,” he murmured into her hair. “The things I could do for you. Just say the word.” He hiked her hips upward a couple of inches to ride the tip of his cock. Right there! He envisioned taking his time in fucking her.
   Pushing her ass against him, he lifted his hands to her tits, and she whimpered, “Please. You feel so good.”
   Her nipples grazed his fingertips. Any second, he’d come in his pants if he didn’t slow down. He swung her around so that she faced the wall. He blanketed her body, and she moved their hands down to the juncture where her thighs and hips met. Her dress was so damn tight he couldn’t press his fingers between her thighs. From the way she arched and moaned, he was certain directly under his fingertips lay her slick flesh. He tugged at her dress, out of his mind with lust, and his intentions wilder than they’d ever been. At that moment, he had to get inside her, and if it meant fucking her up against a wall in the hallway. If she didn’t care…hell, neither did he.
   “Well, looks who’s come back to us.” Penrose’s soft twang rang out down the hall.
   “Damn,” Brandon swore against the curve of Mia’s neck.
   He inhaled her fragrance for a second, wondering if he could haul her out through the emergency exit and into his truck. He unlaced one hand from hers, pulled up the front of her dress, and then placed his palm against the wall. Now in the spotlight, he allowed a fraction of an inch between their bodies. Not much, but enough to save her from having someone else get an eyeful of him grinding into her ass, and for a much-needed second to catch his breath. His cock was so hard, it rubbed painfully against the inside of his jeans. He expelled a jagged breath and took a full step away from the soft, glowing heat of Mia’s body.
   His partner’s footsteps crept closer and he pivoted in time to see Pen’s shit-eating grin. “How’s it going, partner?” Pen kept his voice down.
   “I’m busy,” he growled.
   “Can see that. And who’s this?” Pen said, his face drawn in a serious frown. “Wait a minute. Wait a cotton-picking minute. I recognize you!”
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Amalia Dillin said...

That is UNQUESTIONABLY some unresolved sexual tension there. Very much in the spirit. holy buckets. What an interruption.

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Well damn. There was no kissing, but wow!

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O_O ... wow

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