Saturday, September 13, 2014

Welcome to Saturday Spanks September 13
Hey, hope you're having a wonderful week!
Today I'm a hairsbreadth from the first of many spanks~thank you, Mr. Gordon.

beyonce animated GIF

 Caught clubbing on South Beach, I'm seriously one flight of stairs away from learning what it means to submit to Graham.
Seduced= Wild hair, screaming, hard sex
My Fair Lady
redone with B D S M
Me: I'm Eliza Hillwood. What you'd call a modern Eliza Doolittle firecracker.

Who is Graham Gordon? 
Mmm, he's the man who holds the contract I've signed, giving him control over my body (Ha ha! that'll be the day!) ~Think of a dominating, hand-smacking 
Professor Henry Higgins

 Adult Content: Are you ready to play your edge?
Releasing September 16
Tempted Book 1 & Seduced Book 2

No sliding over.
Everyone’s welcome when it comes to a hot read!
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Helen Karol Writes said...

Clearly, she is in trouble.

Unknown said...

I love the graphics!

Cara Bristol said...

I like the emotion and physical effects in the piece.

Renee Rose said...

What a fun post!

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