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Friday, August 15, 2014

   Graham slowed his exquisite torment and asked, “Baby, what’s running through that overzealous mind of yours?”

   “Uh…” I faltered.

   “Tell me, Eliza or I’ll fuck it out of you.” He squeezed my hips, hoisting and grinding against me while exorcising a moan from my lips. “Spank you until you can’t sit down tomorrow. Is that how you want to start your first day as my go-to girl?”

   Oh my. Biting my lip, I weighed the possibility of what he proposed. Yep, he had the power to fuck the truth out of me. Both he and I knew that as fact derived from experience. Abort was written all over the words crouched on my tongue. I shut my eyes again, looking for an iota of strength.

   “Nothing worth mentioning. Besides, you still owe me an answer about our commute to the office.”

   “Funny you should mention being owed.” Graham’s whole body stiffened. “Eyes. Eliza. That’s ten.”

   “The time we’re leaving in morning?” I retorted defiantly, flashing open my eyes...
Oh My Sweet Jesus
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