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Saturday, July 12, 2014

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   His dick throbbed painfully hard; painfully in need of Sommer wrapped around him. In a little while they’d be married… she was his. We’re going to plan, he barked gruffly.
   “Yeah, this plan.” She opened her legs, showing him how wet she was. “Come here, cowboy.” Her voice sounded like a seductive siren’s call and he almost lost it.
   Shit! He moved downward, not stopping until he wedged her legs wide open. Taking her knees in his hands, he parted her legs even wider as he shifted in between her lovely thighs, and snuggly secured her by hoisting her calves over his shoulders.
   Officially, he was now pissed, horny, and hungry as hell. “Baby, I’m going to get you off and then I swear, if you tempt me again, I’m going to lay you over my lap and take my sweet time, spanking your ass until it’s good and red. And that’s a goddamn promise you can take to the bank, Sommer Kincaid.”
Book 6 of the BAD BOYS series
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