“I owe you something. Don’t I?” #satspanks COLLARED BY THE COWBOY

Saturday, May 31, 2014

   She blew into her cup, observing him over the rim as he did the same to her. He took a long pull from his cup and set it down.
   “Ouch,” she whispered. “That had to burn.”
   “Not really. I’m used to drinking it down fast in the morning.” He returned to stand in front of her.
   “How’s the wicked and wild fantasy going?” She thought he was going to pick her up but instead he tugged on the skirt of her dress. When the hem brushed past her knees, he let go of her dress and opened her legs wide enough to wedge his hips between. He pulled her thighs to fit snug on either side of his hips and lifted a brow, gazing into her eyes.
   “With that tone, you just reminded me to include a filthy scene of us naked and your lovely ass bared to me.” His hands moved up underneath the edge of her dress, which had bunched over the tops of her thighs, a draft of air swimming over her dampness. “I owe you something. Don’t I?”
"When it comes right down to jumping into the lifestyle, what you need is to be spanked."--Brandon

For Mia,
This was just supposed to be a grad school project on BDSM. A begin point, collecting some data, a thesis, and that was it. Nothing complicated. A means to an end. Out of a small town. Away small from minds. This wasn't supposed to be doorway into decadence. Not really. Certainly not into the bedroom of powerful Dom who had the keys to uncovering her erotic desire to submit to his will.

For Brandon,
This was supposed to be temporary. A way to get his partner off his back and a woman gone from plaguing his mind, memory, and dreams. A hurdle. Then on to the next. Away from her fiery eyes and sassy mouth.

But when they cross boundaries and end up in bed, their connection is raw, chemical, and real. Each time they make love, it feels so achingly right and the problem becomes how to convince her to stay when she plans to leave.

On her way home after a tough afternoon therapy session where two young women disclose they are victims of severe and traumatic abuse, Mia ends up missing. Brandon risks everything...his secret life, his business, his reputation to find her, before it's too late.

Breaking a Bad Boy, Book #6





Anonymous said...

That was very hot and to the point! Nice!

Unknown said...

Very hot Susan! I liked it :)

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