Saturday, April 12, 2014

    Brandon rubbed his hands over her dress, squeezing the sides of her thighs. Her knees were together, and she had to feel as half-insane as he did. In short order, she’d know the sting of erotic pleasure he could offer her. She was untouched. A virgin so to speak and his sensual appetite spiked.

    He craved nothing more than introducing Mia to the art of spanking, then fucking her until the sky dissolved into the early morning. Tonight he planned on taking his sweet time with her. Didn’t matter if he had to work on no sleep; he hungered for her, and the sooner he took care of this incessant hankering, the sooner he’d be done with a mind-altering distraction in the form of a hot-bodied woman who wouldn’t quit tormenting his imagination.

   “Baby, this won’t take but a few minutes.” He wound his fingers around her arms and pulled her to him.

   “I’m a big girl.”

    He closed the distance between their bodies and brushed his mouth over Mia’s sweet lips. “I’ll be right back. Can you spend the night? I’m heading out tomorrow morning…I want you to stay with me.”

Brandon works at Evermore Ranch during the week, but come Sunday, he's at Spurs & Leather as head club Dom. Grad student, Mia Santero enters his secretive world, researching BDSM as her ticket out of Texas...until she crosses the line into Brandon's bed and gets the education of a lifetime. When she ends up missing, he risks exposing his hidden life in order to rescue her.
Ranked #1 Western BDSM best seller on amazon
COLLARED BY THE COWBOY is intended for an adult audience and contains mature themes,
strong language including graphically detailed sex, violence, and drug use portrayed
in a fictional setting.
A portion of the profits from the sale of Collared by the Cowboy support

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PK Corey said...

I'm betting she stays the night!

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Wow, I want more.

Anonymous said...

Things are heating up in a huge way. I love your descriptive ability. You have painted the scene beautifully.

Renee Rose said...

Mmm, that was absolutely delicious. Love the blurb for the book-- it sounds great!

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

An invitation too good to pass up. Very exciting.

Joseph McNamara said...

His vision is so compelling and it does indeed sound like to good a vision and insight for her to pass up... lovely set up, leaving us wanting more...

Abigail Armani said...

I do so hope she doesn't say no! That would be awful!
Erotic & exciting ...

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