STRONG ENOUGH TO BEND. Collared by the Cowboy

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Brandon works at Evermore Ranch during the week, but come Sunday, he's at Spurs & Leather as head club Dom. Grad student, Mia Santero enters his secretive world, researching BDSM as her ticket out of Texas...until she crosses the line into Brandon's bed and gets the education of a lifetime. When she ends up missing, he risks exposing his hidden life in order to rescue her.

The following story is intended for an adult audience and contains mature themes,
strong language including graphically detailed sex, violence, and drug use portrayed
in a fictional setting.

A portion of the profits from the sale of Collared by the Cowboy support

 Fanfiction ~ Fifty Shades of Grey
Click here for the first five chapters. Enjoy!



Veronica Scott said...

Actually, I liked this excerpt even better! wasn't immediately sure which was for #8Sunday...

Chris Kelworth said...

"Everything" is one of those answers that doesn't really answer anything... but I admit I'm kinda hooked. Nice to see this side of you too, Susan!

Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

Thank you so much Veronica. This was a book that pushed a lot of boundaries on many levels. The story was a lot of fun to write!

Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

Yep. At this junction they've been through the wringer and are at the edge. I wasn't kind to my H/h. They're worn out and worn thin. Might have to do with their emotion and physical sparring that went on prior... they both have been strung out in the scenes building up. Finally, these two are ready to dive. Words have ltd use at this point. Thanks for reading.

Daizie Draper said...

The intensity in his desperation to see things worked out is so vivid. Nicely done.

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