When Push Comes to Shove #Satspank

Friday, January 24, 2014

January 25 and it's time for a pretty hot and tasty treat.
Welcome to Saturday Spankings
and a teaser from Girls' Night Out
NFL tight end, Brett Gold has his hands full on the way to the Super Bowl and trying to tame Cory McLemore.
His hot little cowgirl lets loose more sass than either of them knows what to do with...until he teaches her who wears the pants.
“Cory, you drive me crazy, pushing every one of my buttons. I want our marriage sooner than later, but I can wait for you if that’s what you want. I’m giving you a pass this once. You cause me any more consternation and I promise you, I’ll smack your behind until you can’t sit down so you’ll remember who wears the pants in this relationship. I love you, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you do things that will hurt or harm you. We’re good together, baby. Just this once, I’m withholding. But if you play with fire, better realize from here on out, that backside of yours will get burned, but good.” He pulled the flimsy material, fisting it in his hand, and in one firm tug he tore it off her hips. Brett dropped the torn undies next to him and regarded her perfect bottom. “Here’s one to grow on and remember.”
      “Just one,” she whispered. “Is that all I’m going to get?”
      He ran his fingers over her firm, round ass, kneading each cheek. God, it took everything in him to keep to his word.
    “Don’t push.” He laid into her with one smart smack. The pink stain to her perfect butt had him jerking in his pants. “Now, I’m going to undress you.”

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Well all right! Now on to a whole lot more spanking good fun. Join in this weekend and take a peek at the samplings below.

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Aimless Rambling said...

Nice dialogue - great snippet.

Unknown said...

I do love me some bad boys. Thanks for sharing this!

PK Corey said...

I think it's going to take much more to get through to Cory. I'm willing to do more reading to find out I'm right.

Unknown said...

It sounds to me like Cory is pushing to get a spanking. Love the way she says "Just one?" I bet she finds a way to earn more. ~smirks~
Great snippet, Susan!

Trent Evans said...

“Just one,” she whispered. “Is that all I’m going to get?"

Ah, be careful what you wish for, girl:)

I really liked this. You can just feel the loving, yet exciting, dynamic between these two. Thanks for posting!

Renee Rose said...

ooh, I thought he already had undressed her! I think it's headed somewhere very steamy!

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I like the way he's letting her know she's on sufferance. One more misstep and it OTK time for her. Great snippet, Susan. Loved it.

Unknown said...

A great set up you've got here. I'd say she's going to win either way, spanking or just a good hard rough and tumble.

Unknown said...

Great snippet! She does like pushing his buttons. LOL, but don't we all do it to get what we want?

Unknown said...

Great snippet Susan! LOve these two together :)

Unknown said...

I'm sure she won't get 'just one'! Great snippet. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Yum love the image of him "jerking in his pants" that's pretty hot. ;)

Aimless Rambling said...

Wow is all I can think to say.

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