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Saturday, January 18, 2014


THANK YOU FOR JOINING IN this edition of Saturday Spankings.
This is the fourth book in the Bad Boys series featuring Brett Gold, Dallas Devils' tight end and Cory McLemore, little sister of the McLemore badass brothers.
Oh Hell Yeah this is a firestorm romance in the making.
A teasing snippet...

“Please,” she hissed. Eyes closed. “That hurts.”
“Tell me to stop.” He caressed her bottom, his large palm flat against her skin as she squirmed on top of his lap. Dressed only in jeans, Brett’s warm torso came into contact with her naked bottom as he pressed her down onto his muscular thighs.
She wouldn’t tell him to stop. Not after he’d withstood a beat down.  “Go ahead.”
He smacked her bottom ten more times alternating sides and making her count, and then instructed her to thank him. Can you imagine!

BOOK BLURB just in case you're left wondering what the heck this is all about.

Hold on to your hats ‘cause the hotties from Evermore Ranch are on their way to Dallas for the weekend.
When Dallas Devils tight end, Brett Gold's fiancée left him a year ago, he swore off getting involved with spoiled little rich girls. Brett became the ultimate bad boy on and off the field rather than deal with his personal life shot to hell.
Only a fool would tangle with the little sister of the McLemore brothers. So far all men with a lick of sense have left Cory McLemore alone. But now Cory is back from college and ready to party. This cowgirl crafts the perfect getaway to Dallas for a girls’ night out never suspecting the man she bumped into at the airport is about to become the missing link in her quest for a wild adventure. Cory quickly learns Brett is harder to walk away from a second time when she discovers the man beneath the bad boy persona is far different than she ever suspected.
One night with Cory has Brett scrambling. This NFL baller meets up with her family and it'll take more than fast hands and fancy footwork to score points with the hardcore McLemore men. With seconds left on the clock, Brett isn't about to let his Texas wildcat get away.

Evermore Ranch cuties and a whole lot of HAWT McLemore men are rounded up for this Girls’ Night Out (Book 4) in the Bad Boys erotic tales series.

Well all right! Now on to a whole lot more spanking good fun. Join in this weekend and take a peek at the samplings below. Catch on the flipside!



Unknown said...

Whew, this is a hot one. I love that cover. Nothing sexier than a hottie with his hands on his belt;) Nice!!

Unknown said...

I agree about the very HOT cover! I almost couldn't concentrate on the snippet!
I found it exhilarating that he instructed her to thank him after. ヅ ツ ッ

Kathryn R. Blake said...

The nerve of some guys. Not only do they make you count, but you have to thank them afterwards for a punishment you never wanted in the first place. However, guys like that also make for exciting stories. Great snippet, Susan.

Unknown said...

Fabulous cover and a fabulous guy, Do you have his phone number by any chance? :D

Unknown said...

Great snippet. Can you imagine indeed! :)

Unknown said...

Great snippet! :) And yummy cover.

jolliffe said...

Great cover . Love this series :-)

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I can image very well. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Awesome cover and ... you were saying? Sorry, distracted. ;)

Joelle Casteel said...

love it! having her count. hot!

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