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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Bad Boys Series (Book 4)
Chapter 20
The memory of Cory's body up against his had Brett shifting in his seat, unable to find a comfortable spot. Early this morning he’d kissed her before taking off for Fort Worth. He’d not let her make him coffee when she asked and he’d not showered to spend the last second he could with her in bed, underneath him as he drove himself deep into her sweetness. Their parting kiss hovered in his thoughts as the miles sped by. Her laughter, the way her eyes captured the light had kept him from taking a deep breath and made leaving her damn near impossible.

During the trip toward the training facility, the feel of her mouth swam in his mind as he twisted the steering wheel in his hand. He’d not mentioned goodbye. The word never crossed his lips. Hell no. Everything that went into their kiss spelled out how he’d miss her and the promise of I’ll see you soon.

Now, back at the training facility he had to get is head on tight. One week to prepare and he’d be playing in San Diego. Not too far for Cory to travel. He’d offered to get her plane tickets, but she texted she’d drive down. He sat in the trainer’s office, an ice pack on his shoulder.

“What the hell happened to you?” Paul asked, a clipboard in hand. He scribbled notes, rarely cracked a smile this go round, and then abruptly walked over to Brett. Ripping off several pieces of tape he stuck to the side of the padded exam table, he glanced up. “Thought you were quitting idiotic behavior.”

“Would it make a difference if I said, this time I’m not guilty of losing my head?”

“Everyone says that. This ain’t court.”

“Brothers taking out their frustration. Nothing much to tell.”

“Oh, shit. Even better. Tack that on your list to avoid in the future. Flex your foot.” Paul began taping his ankle that had gotten twisted in the scuffle. The trainer shouted out orders for other trainers to follow with more and more players showing up for practice. “You’re on the radar of upstairs.”

“How do you know?”

“Doesn’t matter. I just do. And you’d better get with the program of walking the straight and narrow. You want to play ball here next year or not.”

“If we go to the Super Bowl, I’m hoping I’ll be invited back.”

“Of course you would. But you putting your money on that one horse pony race? If this team doesn’t make the playoffs, there’s going to be a rash of trades with New York. Even New Jersey is eager to get a couple of our guys. The owners are tired of the piss poor reputation of whore dogs this team has managed to acquire. The wild parties, arrests, and the press coverage is getting to the point of wanting to focus on that nonsense more so than how well the team is playing. It's gonna stop. You’d better decide which side of the fence you’re on. You read me?”

“Loud and clear. Thanks, I’m not going to do something stupid.”

“Looks like you opened a can of whoop-ass-stupid over the weekend.”

Shit, he wasn’t going to defend himself. In part, he’d brought Cory’s brothers’ wrath on him and just as he showed her his desire to curb her waywardness, he wasn’t about to pussy out and make excuses to the McLemores or his trainer. He’d fucked up. He wasn’t going to repeat that mistake. He’d had plenty of time on the drive back to get his head together. It was time to make his moves where Cory was concerned. Game on.

“Can you look at my shoulder? It’s burning.”

“How much ibuprofen are you on?


“Shit, Brett. You are playing a crooked game with your body.”

“Look I’m serious this time around. Ice. Anti-inflammatories. Exercises.”

“You gotta do the exercises, not talk about doing them. And take the meds. Damn you’re more stubborn than a bull.” He grabbed a bottle off the shelf, then set it down, picked up another and wung it over to Brett. “Merry Christmas.”

NaNoWriMo 2013 Entry
CHAPTER 19 ~ Immediately precedes the one above
    “Do you have a condom?”

     Brett’s lips curled up at one corner. He held out his palm and she stared at the shiny blue packet. Taking it, she swiped her fingertips over his skin and a jolt zinged up her arm. “Sure you don’t want some help?” he asked in a low rasp.

     “I think I can do it.” She tore the pack and removed the circular disk of latex. She turned the condom over in her hand and gently held onto his shaft.

    “Grip me, like you mean it. I’m hardly fragile, baby.” Oh he’d proven that today, hadn’t he? His face was a mass of bruises, bumps, and cuts. She sucked in a breath over what he’d take on account of her blockhead impulsive streak.

    She nodded and held his titanium shaft firmly, then rolled the condom down his length. She dug her knees along the sides of his narrow hips, holding his fully swathed cock up between her thighs. Lifting up, she swiped him over herself. God, he felt incredible.
   “I’m going to ride you until you come," she promised.

    On top of him, she began flexing her hips, finding that perfect combination of moving faster while taking him deeper. His eyes darkened into shades of green she’d known to exist inside the pine forests that surrounded the ranch. Only his weren’t cool and shadowy. Flames were ready to burst from Brett’s gaze and singe her skin. Her body was on fire riding on top of this man. He squeezed her breasts, rolling her nipples in between his fingers as he told her how beautiful she was fucking his brains out.

    Heat waves flash burned under her skin. She didn’t want this to end too soon and slowed the rolling motion of her hips, throwing her head back, and making her hair arc in the air. Droplets of perspiration flew from her face and strands of her long hair stuck to the sweat dripping down her back. She’d been on stallions that could take the distance under a summer sun as long as she didn’t give in and let the beast’s power go to his incredibly gorgeous head. Fuck. Her thoughts twisted, and the mercurial horse from her memory faded as the stud beneath her gripped her hips.
    “I want to fuck you like nobody’s business,” Brett said. He began moving her, bending her body at just the right angle and there. Oh shit. He found the perfect spot. And not by mistake. He thrust his cock into her a little deeper, grazing her into a frenzied state of nail raking and commanding her to move faster. “That’s it. Baby, give it to me.”

    The exquisite feel of him devoured her senses. In a rush of glowing light, her eyes rolled back in to her head. Brett reached out for her fingers. He interlaced his with hers, pulling her upright. Opening her eyes, she refocused on him.

   “Not yet. This isn’t over. I want you to come undone,” he said.

    “Who says I’m bowing out?” She pressed her weight down on his cock and gripped his hips with her trembling thighs.

    “Cowgirl, give me what you’ve got.” He flexed his hips upward at the same time she lowered her body. He filled her as she pressed forward. Her muscles burned, contracted as she rose up and down him, weaving pleasure into tight ribbons across her body. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, refusing to be swept away by the stream of aching emotions that filled her to the brink as she cantered on top of him. Grinding herself along his length, and squeezing herself all around him, she refused to back down or away from something this dangerous, something that threatened to blast her apart. Their last night and she’d not shy away from the man beneath her.

    “Don’t lie to me. I see you’re the one coming undone,” she murmured with the growing explosion ready to overtake her and hurdle her over the brink.

     “Baby, I’m there.” The muscles along his shoulders and arms bunched. He grunted partial words, then shuddered. They both were falling fast. His six-pack abs rippled into cords under her thighs. His whole body contracted, and then her name spilled from his devious mouth. Not once but several times. And then she let go, diving into the bliss the enveloped her completely.
    How long had it been? Her breath still came in gulps. He gazed up her, his hands resting on her waist.

   “That was wild. Come here.” He opened his arms and she tumbled over his chest, her hair plastered to her forehead. She inhaled the scent of his skin, listening to the rapid beat of his heart, and closing her eyes wanting this moment to never end.

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Girls Night Out (Book 4) ~ Cory McLemore's Story
The girl little sister has finally grown all up.
The McLemore Family and Extended Family
From Miami to Texas
Men who work hard and love fiercely.
Women who know what they want and aren't afraid of a good fight (fair or otherwise)
Sizzling white-hot love scenes
You come too!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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An alpha wolf, Conrad's running on empty, unwilling to join the almighty Wolf News media conglomerate owned by his family's powerful pack. As a freelance journalist, he marches to a lone wolf drum fused with a fiery temper, until he encounters an alluring she-wolf. Driven to the brink by Mari's curvaceous body, Conrad refuses to back away when this stubborn she-wolf attempts to shut him down.

Now the chase is on. One night and Conrad won't stop until Mari is upstairs and under him.
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