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Friday, October 4, 2013

EVERY JOURNEY starts when you decide it is time to take a step.

Aside from writing, yoga is a huge part of my life. Breathing. Eating. Yoga.
Back in 2008, I was a middle school teacher, soccer coach and took on coaching the junior varsity cheerleading squad. Talk about busy. A mother of three girls, and my husband’s environmental business was flourishing. Then, I began suffering from pain that sure I’d experienced, but had under control. A degenerative nerve condition where the sheath (myelin) of the main facial nerve is worn away. Trigeminal neuralgia, or as it is also called the “suicide disease” isn't easy to escape. The pain comes in electrical bursts that feel as though shards of glass were being ripped through my face. There’s no pain meds to take, only seizure meds can be taken to disrupt the neural pain impulses.
Eventually the meds stop working. And they did for me. I ended up facing neuro surgery. There’s a reason why we don’t go jumping into the brain or skull, let me tell you. Out of surgery, half my face was numb. The type of feeling like you experience at the dentist for a tooth, but this encompasses the entire right side of my face and down my throat. Pin head city. Not fun. 

Blah-blah-blah… fast forward through Mayo clinic visits, Buddhism, dark side of the moon, and I ended up in yoga.

And I fell in hope. A state of seeing a future. Coming out of a very dark time when I no longer had an identity I’d easily shrouded myself in for-oh-ever required I stand totally vulnerable. Without the hats of mother, teacher, wife…I had to discover who I was deep down. After poking around, meh...I wasn’t pleased with the bottom of the barrel. I needed healing and I needed it fast at that point. Something. Anything. And I’m so pleased I came to the mat.


What happens here, doesn’t stay here. Hey, this ain’t Vegas and that’s makes a world of difference. In yoga you’ll find the ability to just be. Present with the breath because that is where yoga starts, derives it’s source of power, serenity, and focus.
Or you can do much, much more. Yoga is also about balance. Learning to find one’s footing. Literally, how to stand like a rock, or became centered enough to fly in poses that seem nearly impossible. Levels…there are many and forms of practice varied. That’s what makes yoga so divine. From static poses to free flowing sun salutations, the world of yoga has a place for you. I choose vinyasa flow, where the movements do just that flow or move one into another for most of the practice. Music is played. I attend classes and practice alone. And you can too. Yoga classes are found all over now. Or as close as your computer. YouTube has so many devoted teachers who post classes.

My personal 411 on yoga:

Favorite pose: Triangle Utthita Trikonasana (excellent for stability, balance)

Yoga Cert: RYT 200 Yoga Alliance 2011

Mat preferred: Manduka (it matters for knees and balance!)

Preferred style: vinyasa flow followed by Iyengar for steady balance. Poses are held and instruction is spot on. Find a certified instructor and that cert is not easy to obtain. *cough* 12South Aretha !! A must for Nashville folks.

Practice time: early in the am or late evening

Teacher most admired: Shiva Rea – I attended a master class when she came to Nashville. She’s a-a-a-mazing! Sounds like hero worship. It is.

Best prop: cork blocks – 7 inches and blanket (required for many poses)

Best YouTube demonstrations: Sadie Nardini (OMG when I needed to break down a difficult pose like doing a hand stand, she is totally the online guru to help. Check her out!)

Great online resources: This one shows the triangle pose.

Upcoming posts on yoga and writing.
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