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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seductive Studs & Sirens for Oct 5, 2013

It's October and what better way to celebrate seductive tales than some hawt marines. I'm talking able-bodied wolf shifters with a shot of vampire tantalization to swirl into this mix of erotic urban fantasy. These men work hard and play harder as war-torn marines returning from a tour of duty.

Their battle scars surface, leaving them without the means to communicate unless it's physically. One-on-one. So far, mind reading absolutely sucks.

These two spend the day as enforcers within the realm of Shawn Barclay's Denver business. No problems there. Who needs conversation with a Glock and extra rounds. But at night hard limits are being pushed.

Tristen suffers from anxiety attacks coming on with greater frequency and Fin refuses to deal with his pain except with a need for serious BDSM edgeplay. An innocent hook up with Santo, also ex-military and a vampire, leads to exploration of doorways. Santo uses his unique skill set in a night where all three dive into the depth of their desires.

Book Title BLOOD BROTHERS (#2)
Paranormal Romance Series Title Rocky Mountain Shifters
Werewolves, Vampire, Ex-military

Caution: This tale will tantalize, causing flaming fantasies to the point of searing. Be ready to sweat.
Enjoy the following excerpt for Blood Brothers

 What he wanted was candlelight, hot oil, and chilled vodka shots while they explored each other’s bodies.

He glanced at his partner and did a double-take. Tristen casually rubbed his hands down the front of his body, over his very prominent hard-on, and a growl worked up his throat as he smiled that mesmerizing smile of his at Santo. Fin didn’t need to be a mind reader to know Tristen liked what he saw. Goddammit. His lover was actually excited. Now the condom might very well be on the other dick.

Without another thought, he stroked downward along Tristen’s crotch and sure enough, he was ragingly rigid. The man rocked against his fingers, their eyes snapping together. Fin didn’t know if he should laugh or punch Tristen.

“Now who’s ready and willing?” Fin asked dryly.

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 Author Bio

"I don't write about sex to solely titillate. I write about being in love and the depth of this consuming emotion is expressed at multiple levels of human understanding. The creation of hot romance is varied; whether it is the weaving a primal instinct into the tension of a paranormal shifter romance or the layering of emotion where a character has learned to trust again. This instinct to connect exists and binds us together."

Susan Arden grew up in Miami, attending bilingual schools which lends itself to her interest in writing multicultural stories. Previously, a teacher in the field of special education and biology, Susan pursues her dream of writing fiction with several releases this year. Crafting sweet and spicy tales, she writes crazy-hot love stories across romance subgenres including contemporary (erotic), Western, fantasy/paranormal, and rock star. Find her stories under the name of Susan D. Taylor when it comes to mermaids and evil twin sisters. Currently, she lives in TN along with husband, two cattle dogs, two outlandish cats, a gecko and a corn snake. As of 2011, Susan became an RYT200 Yoga Alliance specializing in vinyasa flow for those with health concerns. She is a member of the RWA, CIMRWA, and Paranormal Romance Guild.


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2. Rose Anderson  4. Anastasia Vitsky  5. Elin  


Thianna D said...

Oooooooooooh! I have had my eye on this book ever since you posted about it and after this snippet? I'm off to get it.

Joelle said...

very interesting. great excerpt :)

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