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Stephen McLemore brings sexy back...way, way back in this flame-throwing Western romance.

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Waking up chained to a headboard in an unfamiliar room, Stephen swears that drinking and womanizing have got to stop. Until a tempting redhead on the other side of the bed catches his attention.
Gillian can’t believe her eyes. A naked man is in her bedroom. Worse, he’s her brother’s friend, Stephen McLemore best known for his wicked reputation in several counties. With his hard-muscled body and incredulous grin, Gillian’s defenses falter.  Holy smoke, all of sudden they're face-to-face and the sparks fly in one unguarded kiss. Their molten connection heats up fast when at every turn, they’re tripping over each other in town.
Things go from crazy-hot to surreal in a heartbeat. Hollywood producers pick Gillian for their dance reality television show. Refusing to let another man step into his space, Stephen volunteers to be her partner.
In short order, these two lovers realize there’s more to their sleepy town than they’d ever imagined possible. In his moment of gallant behavior, Stephen risks losing the only woman he’s let get under his skin. If he wants to keep the girl, he’d better decide to stake his claim before it’s too late.
Amidst chaos and the tugging on her heartstrings, Gillian must decide if fame is what she’s dreamed of when a Harley riding rancher has all the right moves.
Warning: Dance teacher hottie and cowboy connect, creating nuclear explosive romance. Handcuffs, spanking, and dancing fill this Western love story.


But then, he stopped moving and they stood on the dance floor cinched together. Unmoving except for their heartbeats and breathing. Not one step. Gillian leaned back, and his eyes locked onto her gaze. The music continued, but they remained in place on the dance floor. His hands moved down to her waist.
The expression in his eyes told her he wanted her. He moved his hips a smidge to the left and there was no mistaking his erection. His hardness protruded into her belly, barely above her pubic bone. If she lifted up on her tippy-toes, just a couple of inches upward, she could make their bodies fit together. The space between her legs pulsed with an ache to feel him there. She bit her lip, unable to decide what to do.
“I swear, you do that for a second longer and I’ll take you outside. Haul you back around the alley and finish what we started the other morning. Don’t tease me, Gillian.”
“Why would I do that?” And that’s when, without considering her next move or the repercussions, she ground herself into him. Just like before, she couldn’t help herself around Stephen.
“Christ, woman.” His hands were on her hips, holding her steady.
His brows came together, clouding his gorgeous face. Then she realized he was holding her off of him. Maybe he was teasing her.
The room became unbearably stifling, and she blurted out, “Did you bring me out here to get next to Lori?”
He released a puff of air through his nostrils. “No. Why would you think that?”
“Keeping your perimeter safe, for one thing.”
He lowered his eyes, his gaze drifting down her body, the corners of his mouth pulling upward. “No, darlin’. I’m trying not to give in to temptation. I am very, very interested in what we’ve got going on. But you’re complicated, and I’m not a nice guy.”

The Bad Boys series consists of three stand alone stories connecting two sassy cousins from Miami and the McLemore men from the Evermore Cattle Ranch in Annona, Texas.
The fourth book coming in 2014 showcases Cory McLemore, the sister to the McLemore hunks 
in a Shotgun Wedding.

BOOK 3 - The Cowboy Rode a Harley






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