CRASH & BURN just released. Erotic Rule Breaker #2 by Susan Arden

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tasty  Tease
Don’t. Go. There. Swallowing, she released the bubble of doubt swelling in her throat and acknowledged this was her band’s moment to garner a future. Not to shop for a sex partner. Fun and games. Not a thing more. The balancing of the equation was up to her. She exhaled, hoping to clear the clusterfuck of ideas and images congesting her brain. One last time. What did she want?
With a deep inhalation, she studied his face, his see-all sapphire blue eyes, and without further ado, she calmly whispered, “Fuck you.”
His jaw dropped open, but then he quickly recovered. A glimmer of excitement flashed in his eyes. “That filthy mouth of yours is so enticing, but a promise is a promise.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Now who’s acting slow?” He picked up a condom from the night table and ripped open the packet. He handled his dick with absolute precision in swathing himself in latex and then he was at her opening, gripping his cock with his hand. “Baby, here’s the recap: I’m going to fuck you, spank you, and then fuck you again. Then it’s on to the office.”
A seamless delivery. On the next heartbeat, he thrust into her in one hard plunge and she spontaneously cried out, digging her nails into his shoulders.
“Is this how you get a client’s attention?” she asked, squeezing her muscles around his erection.
“God, you’re amazing.” The skin along his jaw twitched; he slammed back into her before responding. “We’ve already addressed that you are a special case. One that requires my complete and personal attention. No more talking, unless it’s my name on your lips. Tell me how my cock feels inside you. Put that dirty mouth of yours to work.”
He felt amazing, but she couldn’t tell him and have those words lingering between them. “No,” she whispered.
“Fuck, Alana. You’re so hard-headed.” He pumped his hips, rocking up and down, slamming his cock into her again and again. “Tell me. Do you like when I fuck you like this?”
Wrapping her legs around his waist, she wanted to shout, Of course I do. Who wouldn’t want an animal between her legs, fucking like nobody’s business?
“Why? You don’t get enough compliments on your work?” She stared back at him, aching with something foreign that promised to slice to ribbons her ability to remain encased and safe in her insulated, circumscribed world.
He stopped moving his torso, changing tactics as he twisted his hands in her hair. “Don’t backslide! I’ll haul your arse across my lap and take care of this issue of your snappy remarks. Or is that what you’re after? Fuck me,” he bellowed, and pulled out of her. In the next instant she was picked up and, true to his word, she lay stretched across his lap, facing the floor. “You count, and if you don’t we begin all over again. On one.”
She tried to scramble off his lap, and that’s when it happened. Smack!
Hard. Loud. And painful. “Jesus Christ,” she breathed out without thinking.
“Not even close. Do we need to go over introductions again as well?”
The white-hot-poker scorching eased and his hold on her loosened. Not a lot, but enough to take a deep breath. “I’m not laughing. That hurts,” she said.
“Something tells me that much of these next two weeks will involve inflicting pain to capture your fleeting attention span.”
“Don’t be a d—,”she cut herself off, choosing another route. “Ridiculous.”
“Good save, Alana. But too late. You owe me, and it’s probably best if you pay the piper now so we can get on with the morning. Time’s a-wasting. Count with me.” His hand rubbed down her ass cheeks, onto the back of her thighs; she immediately noted when he lifted his hand, and could hear his inhalation. “Now,” he said.
“One,” she whispered, unsure of what to expect as she focused on his hand meeting her backside. Again, the blaze of his large palm coming into screaming contact with her ass had her arching. Exhaling.
“Steady,” he said, pushing her back onto his lap, and then he lifted his hand. “Again.”
 “Two,” she said between gritted teeth.
He spanked another section of her ass, spreading the fire from one side of her rear-end to the other. The flaring pain had her wriggling on top of his legs. At first she did so to ease the fiery assault, and then she latched onto an urge to spread her thighs open, on the verge of coming apart. The desire for him to tantalize her there sky-rocketed, and the feeling of hazy clouds of need saturated her brain.
“Please, Jonathan,” Alana whispered through the enticing fog.
“Not until we’re through.” His voice sounded strained. But that didn’t stop him from raising his hand again, or the firm smack he delivered that unleashed a flurry of flashing lights in front of her eyes. 
“Three…three,” she panted.
“Let’s pick up the pace now that you’ve got this part. And afterwards, I’m going to fuck you the way I’ve wanted to ever since you and that smart mouth of yours sounded off last night.”
“Just do it now. God, I want you inside me.”
“Patience. That’s precisely what you need to learn.”
Her head snapped up, and she struggled to remain silent. And him? He needed to learn he couldn’t just do exactly what he pleased. She’d never met a man who stomped through life as though it were one big oyster bed, his to pluck whatever pearl lay within his reach. If there were lessons to learn, J.P. Lansing had a few of his own to acquire. Alana clenched her jaw, stifling the crushing urge to speak her mind.
“And you’re going to teach me?” She flung back, unable to stop feeding him fuel for this sexual firestorm he had set blazing between them.


Alana and Jon are back in Book 2 of the Rule Breaker series.

Sex, Love, & Lies in Music City

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