Sexy cowboy meets dance teacher hottie in THE COWBOY RODE A HARLEY by Susan Arden

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reality dance show contestant meets her match
in one of the smoking McLemore brothers.

Stephen McLemore was Mr. Wrong in Gillian's book.
A love 'em-leave'em cowboy.
In one unguarded kiss, sparks fly
and they both stop fighting their sizzling chemistry.
Selected for a Hollywood show, Gillian starts to wonder if leaving town is her dream,
when a Harley riding rancher has all the right moves.
“I know that’s not what you want. Why don’t you tell me what it is you seeing happening between us? I mean, what you’d find agreeable,” Stephen said.
“You don’t date. So—”
“Wait. Who says I don’t date? I can date a woman.”
Gillian laughed in his face. “Name a woman you’ve recently dated.”
The back of his neck heated and something sucker-punched him in the lungs, forcing him to expel a shallow breath. Sputtering, he said, “Give me a second.” But shit, she had him. He drew a blank. “Well, I haven’t met anyone of interest lately. I don’t think that means a thing.”
“It does in this discussion.”
“I can date a woman,” he repeated. “It’s not like I’m some social doofus.”
“I didn’t mean you were. I just don’t know if you realize that a lot goes into being in that frame of mind. Some guys just aren’t…cut out for the dating scene.”
“Well, then, tell me something, Miss Smarty Pants. When’s the last time you dated regularly? I mean, if it’s so gosh-darn easy.”
Her nostrils flared, and her eyes flashed green arcs of fire. “That’s not the same. And you know it.”
“Wrong. It’s exactly the same. If you’re saying you haven’t dated because you haven’t found anyone who makes you want to sit and talk, or kiss, then, yes. It. Is. Exactly the same.”
She paused, seeming to consider his words. He scrambled, not about to lose traction now that he’d gotten his foot in the door. “Christ sakes. Gillian, come out with me on a date. Anywhere you’d like. You name it. How about a fancy restaurant in Clarkesville as our first date? French cuisine and candles. I imagine that’s what a girl like you’d prefer.”
“Oh, really. A girl like me.” She side-glanced him and he knew he had her. “I don’t know about that…as a first date?”
“Then tell me. What would you like to do? What are you doing anyway, this weekend? One date, and you can give me pointers for the future.” He squeezed her fingertips, shaking her arms.
          “There’s the county fair. I’ve been meaning to go. Some of my students are performing.”
He’d not been to a fair since he was a kid. But he’d walk across hot coals or balance on a tightrope if it meant she’d agree to a date. “You’re on. When would you like to go?”
“How about this Friday evening? Say, after dark.”
“I don’t have anything to write your telephone number down.”
“Jeez, Stephen. How long has it been since you’ve dated?” She shook her head, giving his arm a squeeze. “Give me your phone and I’ll infrared my info into your contact list.”
He reached into his pocket, taking out his phone and placing it into her waiting palm.
        “A while. But you agreed, so no backing out.”
“Don’t worry. I’m not backing out. We’ve already discussed that neither you nor I fit the mold of normal dating people. I’ll check my expectations at the door, if you do the same.”
He stuck out his hand, eager to close this deal. “Agreed.”
This blazing Western just released!
Book 3 of the Bad Boys Series

Warning: Dance teacher hottie and cowboy connect, creating a nuclear explosive love affair. Handcuffs, spanking, and dancing fill this Western love story. 


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