Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blood Brothers, an erotic ex-military,
paranormal vampire
and wolf shifter romance
is coming soon through Decadent Publishing.
Book 2 of the Rocky Mountain Shifters. 
Book 1
 releases July 22 about a shifter stud club
and two out-of-control leopard shifters.
Tristen, Fin, and Santo first appear in Collared.

WARNING - Explicit content. 18+ only.


Fin’s hard body provided a workout that he used over and over again when nightmares plagued him. At first it was out of need that he’d learned fucking his friend dissolved the terror. Then he’d realized that’s all he wanted to do. He’d not licked pussy in five, maybe six years, and couldn’t imagine going back.

“Fuck, man, give me what I need.” Tristen ran his hand over the expansive wall of muscle that formed his partner’s chest before sweeping downward. This was his fucking therapy.

Fin’s cock was ramrod hard and he held it out to him. “You wanting to take or give tonight?”

Tristen gazed at Fin stroking himself, pulling down on the head of his dick. His lover palmed his glistening crown, teasing Tristen with a low growl. Fin’s eyes glowed red as he pumped into his hand, releasing crystal droplets.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read this book.

denise smith said...

i put it on my facebook page thanks denise smith

Sapphire Kande said...

Hiyah! I would LOVE to feature your book on my blog! Email me!!

Gold For Runescape said...

I might LOVE to characteristic the publication on my blog site! Cannot wait you just read this book.

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cassknowzit said...

OMG, just found this book on a friend's page. I watched the trailer and can't wait to read the book. I feel another favorite author being added to my list.

denise smith said...

cant wait to read this thanks for the giveaway

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