Sizzling new erotic romance excerpt from ROCK Into Me.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yep, it's the good ole 4th and we're all looking forward to fireworks tonight.

Well, before it starts to get dark, you can get a sampling of sparks flying with this little firecracker romance, ROCK INTO ME.

Straight from the Rule Breaker series staring Alana St. James with all her naughtiness and she's about to careen into a man, she doesn't even realize holds her future in his two gorgeous hands.

A favor was called in by his partner has J.P. Lansing saddled with a client who needs a keeper as much as she needs a producer.

When Alana and Lansing meet it's more akin to a train-wreck and TNT detonating all at once. With sex-that-can't-wait, these two don't know if they should smack one another or tear each other's clothes off.

ROCK INTO ME, is a novella - a tasty tease to whet your appetite for the Rule Breaker series. Book 2, Crash and Burn is due out in August 2013 with more of the band and a slathering of eyeball scorching exploits of Alana and Lansing when they're not ready to tear each other apart. Mmm. That's not true. There's plenty of angry-crazy-hot sex in that book as well.

Sexy Tease

Jon studied Alana’s movements. The nuances of her gestures were tantalizing, right down to how she held up her fingers. He almost said something else along the lines of a wanker, just to see her spew one more line. It was her molten passion that blazed and caught him. She was priceless, telling him her thoughts. He gave her credit for not kissing up to him like every other performer he’d come across in the last few years.

He couldn’t resist, and mirrored her insouciant manner. “Not the way you’re hitting those high notes. The alto range was meant to be sung, not screeched, sweetheart.”

Her green eyes flashed fury and for a second his business checklist dimmed as he contemplated her full lips, her glowing skin, and then allowed himself to consider - yet one more time - the way her breasts jiggled and the peaks of her nipples thrust against the front of her dress.

His cock twitched approval of her perfectly-formed mounds. He’d wager his eyeteeth her tits would be firm and yielding in his hands, responsive to his mouth, and the type he could slide his dick between and fuck.

Exhaling, she locked her gaze with his. “Really, I think you’ve said enough for one evening.” She stared defiantly back at him, her lips slightly parted.

He imagined putting that smart, pink mouth to good use. She was his kind of woman. The type that would fight him tooth and nail in an office across a desk and fuck his brains out, or let him take her as many ways as he wanted until Sunday. This type of woman spelled trouble, from the way she blatantly spoke her mind to the way she sauntered across the stage. At every turn, she all but dared him to do something and had him almost crawling out of his skin.

Well, Jesus, he’d love to do something, beginning with her, naked on her lovely back, with her astonishing legs spread wide open.

“Your manager signed a contract, Ms. St. James. On your behalf, as is the custom around here. From this moment until the end of next week…you’re mine. You won’t so much as blink without my permission. And you certainly won’t be performing unless I give my approval. Starting tonight, you’ll be coming with me.”

“What? Why would I need to do that?” Alana slid off the bar stool with catlike agility and stood in front of him, an angry kitten ready to unsheathe her claws, and the temptation to thwart her was irresistible.

“I don’t trust you to get yourself to bed at a reasonable time. Tomorrow, training starts at six a.m. Say farewell to your friends, it’s time to go.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” she spat in a fierce whisper, her rebellious green eyes spewing sparks.

“Then you’ll be in default of said agreement. I promise, I’ll take you and Orion to court, and I’ll win. These clauses are very specific, and the courts in Nashville are well-versed in relevant case law. I’ve already provided Tyler with the initial payment and he cashed the check. Family emergency,” he snorted, “I think not. I imagine he’s off on some hiatus tonight, having the time of his meager life.”

“I don’t believe you,” she snapped.


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