Saturday, July 27, 2013

ROCK INTO ME, an erotic rock romance
shakin' things up in Nashville.

      She seethed inside as she picked up her purse and followed Lansing outside. If he thought for a second that he was going to speak down to her just because Tyler signed some stupid agreement, he was so wrong. Definitely, this man would see the back of her head as she walked away, and she’d gladly show up in court. If he wanted to sue her, so be it. She lifted her chin, refusing to pay him any attention. And then, she careened into the back of him, sending that plan all the way to hell.
      The connecting of their bodies was like hitting a wall. Instantly, her breasts were crushed up against his muscular back’ her nipples tightened into hard peaks and elicited a sharp gasp from her. Not in pain, but in some weird kind of pleasure. Her hips pushed into his firm ass and she ended up reaching for his waist, expecting to find a pair of love handles that most business executives sported, but he was rock hard. She held onto the grooves, gripping into his skin that refused to yield. His stomach was washboard-flat and twice as hard. Lansing reached around and cupped her rear-end and, for a second, she gave in to temptation and held herself still, enjoying the feel of his fingertips sliding down along her crack. Someone shouted and she jolted back to reality, releasing a vehement hiss.
     “Okay, that’s enough of that,” she whispered. “You didn’t contract my body. Or did you, Mr. Lansing?”
      “Pray tell, but who pushed into whom, Ms. St. James?” He unhanded her and swung around. She noticed his nostrils flared slightly and his eyes glinted, giving him a predatory demeanor. His lips were generous, unlike his sense of humor, and his gaze held hers. Each beat of her heart thundered loudly, reminding her he wasn’t one hundred percent piss-poor quality for a heartless man. The opposite in truth, but she’d never mention it without her arm being twisted. “Well, no snappy comeback this time?” he asked.
       And then he had to speak again, throwing a damned monkey wrench into a fleeting nice thought. “You come across a lot better when you’re silent.”
       He studied her, arching a dark, inky brow. “My secretary says the same thing.
      “Oh, J.P. Darlin’, I thought I might have missed you. Aren’t we going to finish our conversation from earlier?” The young woman who Alana had spotted across the bar came into full view. Jean skirt, cowboy boots, and matching hat tilted just so to capture Lansing’s attention. Alana watched, expecting he’d sneer as he’d basically done to her all night. Lord have mercy. Lansing unbolted the place where he’d kept his charm locked away. A charismatic smile curved his lips. A deep dimple dented his cheek, and she had the distinct impression that if she punched him good and hard, his secretary would agree that he deserved it. She glanced down at the floor, considering her options, and noticed his shoes. He wore loafers without socks. So European, and his tanned, masculine feet gave her pause to consider how much her toes hurt in these ungodly boots. It was as if a light switch was flipped, and she made her move.
       “Lord have mercy. So this is how you find pleasure,” he whispered low, after she stepped on his foot with one of her spiked heels. She’d done well in school and had aced physics. He’d just enjoyed about six hundred psi delivered in less than two seconds.
       “My bad,” she fluttered her lashes and cocked her head. She feigned a southern accent, saying, “Why, that just had to hurt, J.P.”
        He inhaled and reached out, taking hold of her arm, and bending his face to her hair. The side of his cheek scraped over her jaw. “You like things rough? Do you?”
      Alana’s nipples pebbled tighter at his tone and his touch. An arcing,erotic current ran between them. He straightened away from her and she fought the urge to pull him back against her.

First book of the Rule Breaker Series. Crash and Burn, book 2 releases in August.


Kathryn R. Blake said...

Another tantalizing excerpt, Susan, from another tempting book. Great peek.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Susan.

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