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julie kenner

For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You comes the third novel in the erotic, fast-paced trilogy including Release Me and Claim Me. This sexy, emotionally charged romance continues the story of Damien Stark, the powerful multimillionaire who’s never had to take “no” for an answer, and Nikki Fairchild, the Southern belle who only says “yes” on her own terms.


So welcome and I hope you enjoy this sexy snippet and the free book I'm offering up. COLLARED For a NIGHT just released on July 22.

WARNING: Hot enough to peel paint. Seriously! Explicit Excerpt.

    She teased and nipped at his sweet spot, underneath his head, licking and sucking, and pushed past his dominance.

     “Suck me harder, sweetheart.” Shawn’s voice was an inhuman, hoarse whisper. He stopped tonguing her pussy and held her head. He fucked her mouth, pumping and thrusting across her lips.

     She adored the feel of his cock in her mouth and did as he instructed. Diana ran her claws across his flesh.

     He followed suit, rasping the tips of his nails over her skin. Shivers broke out from the tiny pain-pleasure scratches over her skin. His muscles quivered around her. His scent filled her mouth and head. She could savor him without fear and, at this moment, had to taste his orgasm. A savage hunger tore into her.

      Previously, her mouth had been a safe spot on her body where an alpha’s semen couldn’t cross her physical barrier. Yet now, her whole body convulsed and shifted, a sign of error in her judgment. This man was different. Her leopardess nature pushed outward. She told herself she must absorb his musky scent and taste if only to recognize his marking in the world beyond this room. He pulled out of her mouth and her leopardess mind quaked in frustration, on the edge of claiming her mate.

     “No,” she roared. Her pelt rippled and she shook, flexing feline muscles. Spontaneously she’d let go and shifted. The experience was more than exhilarating. On all fours, she crouched next to him on the futon. Her long tail slapped against the wall. Never had shifting felt this powerful. She licked his face, stared at him from behind twitching whiskers, and she flicked her tail, snapping his leg.

    “Diana, reel in your leopardess nature. Come back to me.” His whispered command eased her nature.

     “Now, sweetheart.” He rubbed his thumb on the ridge between her eyes, then petted the side of her cheek. She could feel his essence without responding to the content of his words. Deep within her, primitive instinct was a force that drove her, and she responded by purring and rubbing up against him, marking her scent over him.

     Shawn’s voice lulled her. She calmed instantly. Acquiesced. Her animal and human forms flickered.

     The scent she released as leopardess would be near impossible for him to resist. She dropped beside him, blinking, and lowered her lids. For him, she began the process of shifting back. She hissed, and then moaned, curling up next to him.

     “I’m sorry,” she said, opening her eyes and contemplating him. This was the first time she had shifted in front of an alpha male for over a year. Was Shawn taken back at her lack of control?

       Her fur receded, emitting sparks of energy over the length of her skin, tightening and smoothing into her human form. Her claws got caught in the futon. She tugged each curved spike free, then focused and steadied her nature. “I understand if we shift during sex, things will get away from us.”

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Collared is book 1 in the Rocky Mountain Shifter series.
BLOOD BROTHERS is coming soon with wolf shifters
and a vampire.
I write erotic romance across genres.
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Lauren Seiberling said...

I LOVE how you wrote about a feline shifter! Werewolves seem to be the "thing" now, and it's refreshing to see something different like this.

And who doesn't love paint-peeling love scenes?!

P.S. In me, you have a willing recruit for your crusade to bring back glam rock!

Tina B said...

Whew....that was HOT!! I have read so many that I have loved! One of my favorites, though it has a cliffhanger (and I usually really dislike those), Betrothal by Jenna Jaxon. Shifters are my favorite paras!
Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway. :)

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