COLLARED for a NIGHT, seductively erotic shifter romance.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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July 22 9-11 PM EST
Blast Party
Where shifters prowl...wear something leopard and join the fun.
All it takes is one mistake to be marked. One bite, she crosses a line...into forever.

Diana Hambre's body is blazing. For days this leopardess shifter has spun through a body-searing heat cycle. Alone. Her senses reel when Shawn Barclay, her boss, walks into her reserved room at the Downtown Den, a stud club for shifters. He gives Diana a choice: spend the evening with him, give into his every desire, and she'll find out what it means to quench her heat-crazed thirst or try her luck with a stranger, one of the club bangers.

Shawn isn't about to let his back hit the wall in dealing shifter justice in Denver. One sip of Diana's pheromone-laced scent is enough to send him reeling. The tables have turned and his normal Zen-like ability to operate nearly unravels.

As the moon rises toward midnight, Shawn and Diana come to understand the difference between sex and bonding. For a night, neither resists their primal instincts, blindly giving into carnal desire. Her wild nature fights being subdued and she risks spontaneously shifting without warning.

Now, bearing Shawn's bite marks, Diana can't simply walk away from him; not when he has the means to teach her to harness her leopardess nature.    

Shawn accepts the challenge of training Diana to control her untamed cravings. While employing every method available in and out of the bedroom, he discovers he's the one on the verge being ensnared.

Warning: Scorching, erotic scenes hot enough to peel paint



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NOELLE CLARK - Author said...

Wow, I can't wait to don my leopard skin Onesie and read Collard for a Night. Hope I don't overheat!

Not Everyones Mama said...

I'm going to go with Crawling by Linkin Park cuz I think any werewolf would like that song. :) Thanks! heather1974 at gmail dot com

Nadene Reynolds said...

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Sami Coghill said...

Just can't wait to read this book!

Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

Oh but you will! LOL

Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

Couldn't agree more!

Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

This is one of the most popular mentioned. Thank you!

Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

Sami, That's so kind.

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