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ROCK INTO ME, an erotic rock romance
shakin' things up in Nashville.

      She seethed inside as she picked up her purse and followed Lansing outside. If he thought for a second that he was going to speak down to her just because Tyler signed some stupid agreement, he was so wrong. Definitely, this man would see the back of her head as she walked away, and she’d gladly show up in court. If he wanted to sue her, so be it. She lifted her chin, refusing to pay him any attention. And then, she careened into the back of him, sending that plan all the way to hell.
      The connecting of their bodies was like hitting a wall. Instantly, her breasts were crushed up against his muscular back’ her nipples tightened into hard peaks and elicited a sharp gasp from her. Not in pain, but in some weird kind of pleasure. Her hips pushed into his firm ass and she ended up reaching for his waist, expecting to find a pair of love handles that most business executives sported, but he was rock hard. She held onto the grooves, gripping into his skin that refused to yield. His stomach was washboard-flat and twice as hard. Lansing reached around and cupped her rear-end and, for a second, she gave in to temptation and held herself still, enjoying the feel of his fingertips sliding down along her crack. Someone shouted and she jolted back to reality, releasing a vehement hiss.
     “Okay, that’s enough of that,” she whispered. “You didn’t contract my body. Or did you, Mr. Lansing?”
      “Pray tell, but who pushed into whom, Ms. St. James?” He unhanded her and swung around. She noticed his nostrils flared slightly and his eyes glinted, giving him a predatory demeanor. His lips were generous, unlike his sense of humor, and his gaze held hers. Each beat of her heart thundered loudly, reminding her he wasn’t one hundred percent piss-poor quality for a heartless man. The opposite in truth, but she’d never mention it without her arm being twisted. “Well, no snappy comeback this time?” he asked.
       And then he had to speak again, throwing a damned monkey wrench into a fleeting nice thought. “You come across a lot better when you’re silent.”
       He studied her, arching a dark, inky brow. “My secretary says the same thing.
      “Oh, J.P. Darlin’, I thought I might have missed you. Aren’t we going to finish our conversation from earlier?” The young woman who Alana had spotted across the bar came into full view. Jean skirt, cowboy boots, and matching hat tilted just so to capture Lansing’s attention. Alana watched, expecting he’d sneer as he’d basically done to her all night. Lord have mercy. Lansing unbolted the place where he’d kept his charm locked away. A charismatic smile curved his lips. A deep dimple dented his cheek, and she had the distinct impression that if she punched him good and hard, his secretary would agree that he deserved it. She glanced down at the floor, considering her options, and noticed his shoes. He wore loafers without socks. So European, and his tanned, masculine feet gave her pause to consider how much her toes hurt in these ungodly boots. It was as if a light switch was flipped, and she made her move.
       “Lord have mercy. So this is how you find pleasure,” he whispered low, after she stepped on his foot with one of her spiked heels. She’d done well in school and had aced physics. He’d just enjoyed about six hundred psi delivered in less than two seconds.
       “My bad,” she fluttered her lashes and cocked her head. She feigned a southern accent, saying, “Why, that just had to hurt, J.P.”
        He inhaled and reached out, taking hold of her arm, and bending his face to her hair. The side of his cheek scraped over her jaw. “You like things rough? Do you?”
      Alana’s nipples pebbled tighter at his tone and his touch. An arcing,erotic current ran between them. He straightened away from her and she fought the urge to pull him back against her.

First book of the Rule Breaker Series. Crash and Burn, book 2 releases in August.


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Collared For A Night by Susan Arden

Uncollared Diana is uncontrollable...until she learns to temper her primal instincts by an alpha Dom in this erotic shifter tale of insatiable carnal cravings. Suspense driven from a stud club in Denver to a penthouse loft in Vegas. Come the full moon, it's all about domination and the law of the jungle.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, so low and quiet that she stopped moving. And then he spanked her again.
       “Three. Nowhere.”
       “Hush. Only counting is allowed.”
       “Then don’t ask me a question.”
        Jesus, he landed a heavy-handed smack, proving he was allowed to ask anything he desired. Her mouth sounded out the words, but she lost count of the actual bite of each smack. Unable to keep up with the ache of wanting him, each time he spanked her bottom and followed up with a caress, she pushed back into his hand, wanting him to do more than smack her ass.



Thursday, July 25, 2013

By Susan Arden
A writer of romance holds a wonderful position. We are fortunate to dive into subjects that interest us. Unlike a journalist who might be given an assignment, a romance writer enjoys much freedom.

When I started thinking about writing a new story, I looked to one of the charities I support and thought why not. Panthera is an organization that supports wild animals around the world. And by wild, I mean untamed, large cats. Lions, tigers, cougars, cheetahs, and oh yes…LEOPARDS.

Why go there in romance?

Shifter love stories take romance into the sensory realm. Untamed animals possess a fluid grace that reminds me of dancers. I found myself wondering what would it be like to be a shifter. Moving between the world of humans into that of primal creatures.

These types of people-creatures would have a heightened sense of sight, taste, and smell even when occupying their human forms. And don’t get me started on talking about pheromones. These power punches are chemical messengers that signal warnings, the availability of food, and yes, sexual allure. Like perfume, but a whole lot sexier and featured in the shifter world. After all, this is a story about people who walk a fine line between human and wild creature. Thinking about the romance aspects? The romantic scenes I write contain the shifters in human form. The leopard part of their persona explosively surfaces during times of high stress such as danger. This shift allows the hero and heroine an advantage such as additional strength in order to effectively avoid an enemy. Yet spontaneous shifting poses its own threats directly to the hero and/or heroine.

Shifter romances come under the category of paranormal and fantasy. There are various forms of shifter love stories popular today including wolves, bears, lions, leopards, and scads more. Shifter romances are action-packed and fast-moving stories. The romance incorporates a seductive use of the senses and allows the reader a window in which to view the world through the eyes of a wild animal.

Take a trip on the wild side of romance and try a shifter love story. Leap. I’ll catch you.

    Shawn spoke against her neck. “Only a few more minutes. Let me do this for you.”

    “I feel as though I want to flee.” He absorbed her jagged pulse, felt her heartbeat ramp and race.

       “But I won’t let you.” His voice chewed the words. He worked his finger around her clit. He licked her neck, scraping his teeth over her skin. “Mine, baby. You are mine to enjoy and savor.”

       He bent over her, pulling her tight against his groin. He pumped his cock, searching for her opening. Her slickness glided over his shaft, over his crown. His balls tightened. He swirled one finger down her slick folds, delving lower, sliding his finger against her slit. At the same instant, his cock found her wet opening. He thrust his finger inside her to prevent himself from giving into the urge to take her standing up against the wall. That type of fucking would be ruthlessly hard and near savage. She might think she wanted it down and dirty, but what she needed was to learn how to master her leopardess urges.

      Diana rocked her hips, riding his finger. He kissed and sucked a line across her neck and shoulders, keeping his canines from taking hold of her. With his cock and fingers, he delivered her to the brink of full-blown trembling. Her pussy melted around his finger. She whimpered, and then he felt the deep waves within her core. He kissed her at the nape of her neck and inhaled the scent she released. She clenched and released around his finger. God, he wanted to thrust deep within her. Even more, he wanted to possess her beyond this cycle.

      “Diana, you’re incredible. So utterly raw and sensual. I could easily stay with you through this heat.” And the next.” The synapses throughout his body absorbed her scent, branding him, and he accepted this imprinting, understanding the depth of his transformation. Diana panted and stopped moving. A mist of perspiration covered her body.

     He ran his hands over her skin. He kissed her shoulder, tasting salt and her scent. She shuddered under his palm, and he murmured, “You’re a vision when you climax.”

      She relaxed against him. “I never knew how good this could feel.”
      His brows knitted. Diana’s inexperience kept cropping up. He kissed her neck, savoring this moment in being the alpha who possessed her. His kitten had no idea of her capabilities. Diana’s inner nature was a mystery to her and so must be the type of leopardess she was destined to become. He should have known he’d be attracted to this type of woman. He pressed his forehead against her shoulder, riding out her orgasm. It had been a long time since he’d freed himself to feel anything beyond physical release during sex.

Book One - COLLARED For A Night

Uncollared Diana is uncontrollable...until she learns to temper her sexual appetite by an alpha Dom in this erotic shifter tale of insatiable carnal instincts. Suspense driven from a stud club in Denver to a penthouse loft in Vegas. Come the full moon, it's all about domination and the law of the jungle.


Book Two - BLOOD BROTHERS Coming Soon!
Decadent Publishing  Release Date: September 22
Just as scorching as Collared and with a twist. A GLBT  wolf shifter and vampire paranormal erotica tale.

Midnight Whispers Book 3 featuring Sherry and Quinn (the Witch, the Wolf & a slew of Dark Fae) coming December 2013.

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julie kenner

For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You comes the third novel in the erotic, fast-paced trilogy including Release Me and Claim Me. This sexy, emotionally charged romance continues the story of Damien Stark, the powerful multimillionaire who’s never had to take “no” for an answer, and Nikki Fairchild, the Southern belle who only says “yes” on her own terms.


So welcome and I hope you enjoy this sexy snippet and the free book I'm offering up. COLLARED For a NIGHT just released on July 22.

WARNING: Hot enough to peel paint. Seriously! Explicit Excerpt.

    She teased and nipped at his sweet spot, underneath his head, licking and sucking, and pushed past his dominance.

     “Suck me harder, sweetheart.” Shawn’s voice was an inhuman, hoarse whisper. He stopped tonguing her pussy and held her head. He fucked her mouth, pumping and thrusting across her lips.

     She adored the feel of his cock in her mouth and did as he instructed. Diana ran her claws across his flesh.

     He followed suit, rasping the tips of his nails over her skin. Shivers broke out from the tiny pain-pleasure scratches over her skin. His muscles quivered around her. His scent filled her mouth and head. She could savor him without fear and, at this moment, had to taste his orgasm. A savage hunger tore into her.

      Previously, her mouth had been a safe spot on her body where an alpha’s semen couldn’t cross her physical barrier. Yet now, her whole body convulsed and shifted, a sign of error in her judgment. This man was different. Her leopardess nature pushed outward. She told herself she must absorb his musky scent and taste if only to recognize his marking in the world beyond this room. He pulled out of her mouth and her leopardess mind quaked in frustration, on the edge of claiming her mate.

     “No,” she roared. Her pelt rippled and she shook, flexing feline muscles. Spontaneously she’d let go and shifted. The experience was more than exhilarating. On all fours, she crouched next to him on the futon. Her long tail slapped against the wall. Never had shifting felt this powerful. She licked his face, stared at him from behind twitching whiskers, and she flicked her tail, snapping his leg.

    “Diana, reel in your leopardess nature. Come back to me.” His whispered command eased her nature.

     “Now, sweetheart.” He rubbed his thumb on the ridge between her eyes, then petted the side of her cheek. She could feel his essence without responding to the content of his words. Deep within her, primitive instinct was a force that drove her, and she responded by purring and rubbing up against him, marking her scent over him.

     Shawn’s voice lulled her. She calmed instantly. Acquiesced. Her animal and human forms flickered.

     The scent she released as leopardess would be near impossible for him to resist. She dropped beside him, blinking, and lowered her lids. For him, she began the process of shifting back. She hissed, and then moaned, curling up next to him.

     “I’m sorry,” she said, opening her eyes and contemplating him. This was the first time she had shifted in front of an alpha male for over a year. Was Shawn taken back at her lack of control?

       Her fur receded, emitting sparks of energy over the length of her skin, tightening and smoothing into her human form. Her claws got caught in the futon. She tugged each curved spike free, then focused and steadied her nature. “I understand if we shift during sex, things will get away from us.”

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Collared is book 1 in the Rocky Mountain Shifter series.
BLOOD BROTHERS is coming soon with wolf shifters
and a vampire.
I write erotic romance across genres.
Tell me your favorite romance read this summer.
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Torque the Tension in Erotic Romance

Sunday, July 21, 2013

      Torque up the tension is the law in writing romance to keep momentum. Erotic and otherwise.Writing romance where two lovers can’t get it right creates tension. The heroine or hero’s happiness swings, his or her life may even teeter, the darn outcome of the story depends upon resolution.

      It’s all about stakes. Not the kind you grill, but the kind you drive through a character’s heart. 

Clever...Stake To The Heart gif
Low stakes = floppy tension.
High stakes have readers sitting on pins-n-needles.
     Where do the stakes come from in hot romance? It’s all about conflict. That stuff that happens inside, twisting and turning and churning. A good storyline has the heroine not just pondering her beliefs and values, but something’s got to give. And fast.
    In Collared for a Night, we’re talking about Diana, a leopard shifter who has spent some time running around Denver in full leopard regalia and can’t recall what she’s done. Basically, any shifter who runs freely, when they’re done, they are stark naked. So, yeah, she’s been doing a bit of streaking lately. Not too promising for a shy, graphic artist widow trying to find her footing. Wait a blooming second. This is so oxymoronish…Diana was cast as shy and a leopard. How is that possible?
    Now you see, it’s about building tension. Polar opposites. Two simultaneous and incompatible issues. Or two incompatible desires. Oh, we’ve got that too in Collared.
     Diana’s thrust into a lifestyle existing as a human and leopard. Dual natures. On one hand Diana is savage, explosive, and untamed. On the other, she’s hiding, confused, in mourning.

Savage, Explosive, Untamed<♨ > Hiding, Confused, In Mourning
     Diana exists in one body that morphs and this is the heart of the story. How to actualize her true nature? So we start with the initial stakes: she needs to find a way to deal with her leopard heat cycle (as in sexual readiness to mate) that occurs around each full moon. She has no mate, her husband died. She’s attracted to her boss, but believes he’s off-limits. She keeps to herself and hasn’t had a date in forever.
      Lucky for her, in Denver a stud club exists where a shifter can find a safe way to exercise away her sexual urges.
      Let’s revisit the stakes again. We need to up them. Let’s have her boss, who actually owns the club be the one to “service” her. Incompatible desires. Upping the ante. The stakes go up again.
Diana—“This is a little bit more than deciding on scrambled or poached. I didn’t expect to see you here as my…my date.” She bit her lip. In the next second, she’d have no control. She was a step away from hurling herself at him. This was harder than joining with a stranger. She signed up for wham-bam-thank you. Not see-you-on-Monday with her boss.
      So how does the tension in Collared for A Night stay tight. Short and simple, it’s about change. And throw in a few surprises for good measure. Start out with some secrets and little by little share them with the reader. Never, ever let a character get comfortable. As Nora Roberts says, when things start to sag, she looks for a character to kill.
      In Collared there’s a sex, primal sex, carnal sex, a bloody fight, throw in some BDSM, a bitch ex-girlfriend, more sex, a trip to Vegas, bling, dancing, more sex, a crashing black moment, and a surprise at the end. So from the inciting event where we go from what we thought we knew, into a whole other direction, we nail our character’s hide to the wall and turn the screws. Again and again, until someone says, “Uncle.”

 YTasty Teaser From Collared for a NightY   
         Without warning, she slipped from his grasp.

         She inched back away from him off the bed, cocking her brow, hands planted at her hips. “Should I demand you catch me first? Or better yet … make me.” She turned from facing him, her body rippling in shredded, lithe beauty.

         Her eyes flashed, mocking him to the core. To get hold of her required that he still his body. Even his thoughts would give him away. He centered himself, pushing forward even though he was seated. Calf muscles tightened, and he slightly rose up onto the balls of his feet. Behind half-closed eyes he noted the direction of her gaze and, more importantly, how she oriented her body, slightly toward the doorway. The fuzzy world receded, leaving her to become his locked-on target. One thought — and he had her. Reaching out to put her off balance while his body moved in the opposite direction, he careened into her direct path.

        He wove his fingers into her hair and yanked. Automatically, this close to a run, she bared her teeth and hissed without thought. Both of them were a hairsbreadth from shifting. Teeth and eyes were already catlike. Their rosette markings were dark black against a rose-golden background.
         “No fair,” she squealed. “Let me go.”
        “That was your second mistake,” he said, lifting her arms above her head. Naked and open to him, she’d have no choice but to give in to hunger. He leisurely licked along the side of her neck where he’d already marked her heavily. As he lowered his head, he brought her arms down and secured them behind her. Diana’s form rippled in his arms—graceful, fluid, serpentine movements to curve her torso across his upper body. He pulled her wrists firmly behind her, pressing her firm, high breasts up against his chest.
        “Your first mistake was believing I’d be fair. When it comes to having you … baby, I’m not playing some game. If there are rules, I’ll break every one of them to get to you. That’s my promise. I get you in the end. I’ll destroy anything — anyone — that stands in my way.”
       No more words. Syllables spoken were useless. He kissed her in a way that left them both breathless. He kissed her to remember. He kissed her to make sure she’d find her way back. He kissed hello, not goodbye.


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COLLARED for a NIGHT, shifter romance hot enough to peel paint. HOT SUMMER ROMANCE GIVEAWAY HOP

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guess what we've got going on?
Leopard shifters are about to be set free.
is releasing on Monday, July 22.
Sometimes hotter than romances involving mere humans.
Primal urges ramp up the heat.
In Collared for a Night, it all begins in a stud club where sexual surrender
is on the menu.
In the Downtown Den, Diana seeks relief
for her heat cycle that is blazing hot.
On the night before the full moon,
she succumbs to either risk running wild
or letting a stud club banger service her.
She doesn't expect her boss to show up.

       Diana sat forward, moving up and onto her heels still inside the bath. “I’m not hungry…for food.” No sooner than she had uttered the words, Shawn hauled her body upward, against him. Her wet skin was slippery over his bare chest.
        He held her, letting her toes only skim the floor, and he spoke in a growl. “If you ever disobey me again, I swear, Diana, I’ll fucking lose it. I don’t intend on laying down the law but maybe that’s what you need. You’ve gone on too long just doing whatever the hell comes to mind. I understand you’ve had to fend for yourself. But you’re mine now. I call the shots. And when I say to get out of the way, that’s precisely what I mean. Am I crystal fucking clear on this one point?” He tightened his clasp around her waist, unwilling to let her go without a response.
      “You’re upset about what? The bear thing?”
       “God, you’re either trying my patience or you really live in a dream world. What do you think that bear wanted to do? Have you over for tea? Make no mistake, in this world, shifters aren’t following man-made laws. Some shifters live in the wild. They spend more time in their primal form than human. They exist as they see fit, without any mind to what’s fair or just. The law of survival is the only rule they hold to and they take what they please. An animal that is bigger than you or more powerful than you, deserves your respect. In the world south of this house, in the depths of the Rockies, might doesn’t give a flying fuck about right. And don’t you ever forget that. Do. You. Understand?”

This contest is for international and national participants.
Must be above 18 to win.
One copy per winner.
Leave a comment and enter the Rafflecopter below.
has two grand prizes.

#1 is a Kindle Fire.

#2 is a $50 gift certificate.

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COLLARED for a NIGHT, seductively erotic shifter romance.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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July 22 9-11 PM EST
Blast Party
Where shifters prowl...wear something leopard and join the fun.
All it takes is one mistake to be marked. One bite, she crosses a line...into forever.

Diana Hambre's body is blazing. For days this leopardess shifter has spun through a body-searing heat cycle. Alone. Her senses reel when Shawn Barclay, her boss, walks into her reserved room at the Downtown Den, a stud club for shifters. He gives Diana a choice: spend the evening with him, give into his every desire, and she'll find out what it means to quench her heat-crazed thirst or try her luck with a stranger, one of the club bangers.

Shawn isn't about to let his back hit the wall in dealing shifter justice in Denver. One sip of Diana's pheromone-laced scent is enough to send him reeling. The tables have turned and his normal Zen-like ability to operate nearly unravels.

As the moon rises toward midnight, Shawn and Diana come to understand the difference between sex and bonding. For a night, neither resists their primal instincts, blindly giving into carnal desire. Her wild nature fights being subdued and she risks spontaneously shifting without warning.

Now, bearing Shawn's bite marks, Diana can't simply walk away from him; not when he has the means to teach her to harness her leopardess nature.    

Shawn accepts the challenge of training Diana to control her untamed cravings. While employing every method available in and out of the bedroom, he discovers he's the one on the verge being ensnared.

Warning: Scorching, erotic scenes hot enough to peel paint



Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blood Brothers, an erotic ex-military,
paranormal vampire
and wolf shifter romance
is coming soon through Decadent Publishing.
Book 2 of the Rocky Mountain Shifters. 
Book 1
 releases July 22 about a shifter stud club
and two out-of-control leopard shifters.
Tristen, Fin, and Santo first appear in Collared.

WARNING - Explicit content. 18+ only.


Fin’s hard body provided a workout that he used over and over again when nightmares plagued him. At first it was out of need that he’d learned fucking his friend dissolved the terror. Then he’d realized that’s all he wanted to do. He’d not licked pussy in five, maybe six years, and couldn’t imagine going back.

“Fuck, man, give me what I need.” Tristen ran his hand over the expansive wall of muscle that formed his partner’s chest before sweeping downward. This was his fucking therapy.

Fin’s cock was ramrod hard and he held it out to him. “You wanting to take or give tonight?”

Tristen gazed at Fin stroking himself, pulling down on the head of his dick. His lover palmed his glistening crown, teasing Tristen with a low growl. Fin’s eyes glowed red as he pumped into his hand, releasing crystal droplets.

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