THE COWBOY RODE A HARLEY Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rowdy nights and hardworking days fill Stephen’s life. Chained to a headboard, he swore waking up in an unfamiliar room that drinking and womanizing had to stop. No time to waste. Matt, his brother will have his hide if he’s late to oversee his work crew back on the ranch and he needs to find the key to set himself free. The thing is Stephen doesn’t remember the tempting redhead sound asleep on the other side of the bed.
Gillian arrived home during one of Haden’s (her brother) wild parties and escaped into her darkened bedroom where her girlfriend had fallen asleep. After spending hours at her dance studio getting costumes ready for the spring recital, Gillian was too tired to ask Lorie any questions. Now in the morning she finds her friend wasn’t alone last night. Worse, the man on the other side of her bed is Stephen McLemore known for his wicked reputation in several Texas counties.
Stephen comes face-to-face with Gillian and the sparks do fly in one unguarded kiss. Things heat up fast for them when at every turn, they’re tripping over each other in town.

When Hollywood producers select Gillian for their dance reality television show, Stephen volunteers to be her partner. In short order, these two realize there’s more to their sleepy little town than they’d ever imagined possible.
Amidst chaos, Gillian must deal with her brother’s addictions, her grandparents' strange living arrangements, and the tugging on her heartstrings by a man with wild skills who pushes her boundaries in and out of the bedroom. Now she must decide if fame is what she’s dreamed of when a Harley riding rancher has all the right moves.
Warning: Dance teacher hottie and gorgeous Harley riding man connect, creating nuclear explosive romance. Handcuffs, spanking, dancing, and molten sex fill this Western love story.
COMING SOON  July 2013 

Bad Boys Don't the Drink the Water Series

Tempted by Trouble - Book 1 Released April 2013
Twice Tempted - Book 2        Released May 2013

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Yvonne Simpkins said...

I like the look and sound of this book, I'm going to read it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet Matt's brother :-) Love this cover.

Kiru Taye said...

Love the cover, Susan.

Susan D.Taylor Susan Arden said...

Thank you so much. Finding a dancing cowboy was quite a task! What a struggle flipping through countless images of shirtless dudes. Somebody had to do it. LOL.

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