COLLARED FOR A NIGHT- Rocky Mountain Shifters

Sunday, June 30, 2013

"He pressed his erection against the space between her legs.
The movement drew sharp breaths from both of them. The leopardess in her held back.
This hungry longing overpowered her reason. Being with him reminded her too much of something she’d lost.
She forced herself to pry away from him before all hell broke loose."
Quote from Collared
Paranormal erotic romance series is jumping.
Collared for a Night.
Leopard shifters and the Downtown Den, a stud club in the LoDo section of Denver.

~Let's try a tasty tease~

     Diana clutched her robe, suddenly conscious that she was less than dressed. The material fluttered. Regardless of how she adjusted the robe, the top of her thighs were exposed, or her nipples were visible points pushing outward.

    They were alone, and her focus was drawn to him—his power evident in the way he leaned against the doorframe, more so in the way a ticking muscle worked the line of his jaw. He briefly regarded her with a brooding stare before his gaze journeyed down her body. Her skin heated under his contemplation.

     She waited for her breath to return, swallowing a hundred questions; each one begging for the reason for his appearance. Yearning to claw him into speaking, she laced her hands around the chain draping down across her chest. The set of his lips foretold he had inauspicious news to deliver. All she kept thinking was, why was he here?

     She couldn’t help flinching when he pushed off the frame unexpectedly. Her heart skittered at the sound of the door closing. Locking. His entry into the closed room charged the atmosphere. Their gazes snapped together. A smoldering awareness unfurled between them—time slowed. Her mouth went dry. Not knowing why, she stepped backward, the chain dragging against the floor. Her eyes darted from his muscular form toward the metal-barred window. His male leopard scent overpowered her.

      “I understand you’re in heat and alone.” His stalking voice completely severed her last bit of confidence. “I’m here to help.”

      “You? You’re the stud…” She couldn’t finish speaking. Her knees weakened. If she didn’t do something fast, her legs would buckle. She grabbed at the wall, clawing and digging. He moved too fast to perceive. 

      He encircled her with his forearms, anchoring her against the hard plane of his torso. “Diana,” he whispered, “I could take you right now. But I’ve much better plans for you.”



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