Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Right before Carolina leaves Evermore Cattle Ranch, alone in Matt’s house, she wrote out a list trying to convince herself things had worked out just great.

Ten Things I Hate About You Matthew McLemore.

By Carolina Rodriguez

10. Truly, it is perfectly revolting the way you are certain that you’re always right. Until I prove you wrong.

9. Oh, the constant want to scream until my throat is raw when we were seated at your parents’ dinner table, and your fingers casually caressed my skin making my whole body go on a rampage of fire-cracker mini-explosions.

8. Did you know that I had to look away on several occasions as you neared when we’re outside. A man on a horse shouldn't ever look that lickable.

7. Shall we go there? Oh why not? Your overbearing-nosy-family. I mean really, it’s impossible that your four brothers make me feel protected, instead of creeped out. That’s insanity. And your sister, Cory. She’s an explosion of energy and big ideas, helping me fit in when I didn't know what to do. It was intolerable people should be so…understanding. *sniff*
6. If I could have run for the hills, I would each time we came together. The heat in your eyes struck down all my doubts about who I am—where I've been. Your fierceness overpowered and sealed me into the moment. *heart hammering, fingers twisting*
5. I absolutely abhorred being left breathless after kissing your smart-aleck hot mouth. Especially after you told me the wanton things you wanted to do to me. You devoured me, claimed me, possessed me.
4. It was maddening the way you knew what I craved. Did you crawl inside my mind, and secretly extract all my hidden desires, one-by-one. *pacing, pacing, pacing*

3. I’ll go berserk remembering all the times you treated me like I might actually meant something to you. *whispering to self* My heart will break if this isn’t true.

2. Did you know how close I’ve come to the edge each time you make love to me? I’m ready to shatter into a million pieces.

#1. I detest every second when we’re apart, so opposite to the perfect way we are together. Knowing that there will never—ever—be another man who rocks my world the way you do each and every moment since I’ve met you, Matthew McLemore. And I don’t think I hate anything as much as the thought of leaving you.


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