Saturday, May 18, 2013

Coming Summer of 2013 BDSM Fantasy Serial
~Surrender Excerpt~
 No. No. I closed my eyes wary, unwilling to believe that I can withstand being hit by the flogger.
“We begin,” Graham said.
The first touch came down with a slicing snap across my bottom. There was fire in that bite.  
I fisted the covers and tears stung my eyelids. “Please. No.”
“If you don’t count, then we start again. Count with me Eliza,” he demanded.
            “One!” I say in a choked voice, my throat strangling the word.
Again the swish. Again the bite. Again the pain. 
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Anonymous said...

*o my* I love the bite of the swat and that she has to keep the count. So much like real life!

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Great snippet, Susan. The scene definitely gets the readers attention and leaves her wondering what Eliza did to earn the flogging. Thanks for positing.

Casey McKay said...

Makes me want to read more (what did she do to deserve this?). Great tease!

Constance Masters said...

This was a great tease. I’d love to know what she did as well :)

Patricia Green said...

I like the intensity you show with her "fisting the covers." But what did she do to deserve it? Hmmm.

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