Thursday, March 21, 2013


OKAY, so what is a street team? With quite a few scorching romance releases happening this year, my awesome promoter, Carla of Book Monster Promotions put one together for me. But now, I’m putting out a call to help my street team of ubber-wonderful ladies: Carla, Tracie, Lindsey, FranJessca, Holly, Anna, Michelle, and Kelly.

Things are starting to heat up, and we need help.

Did you ask, but seriously what’s a street team?

Initially, I wondered too. Any person (above the age of 18) from all over the country, really all over the universe, with access to the Internet can join. What does a street team member do? Shout loud and proud about their author. That’s me.

What’s in it for a team member? Well, readers love to share. I know I do. And at this level, you’re truly helping a writer who is like a pin in a crazy mess of straw. Lucky for me, we’re a team and I’m all into making certain my street team is stocked up. So you get free stuff.

To begin with members only giveaways. Right now we’re starting with a random drawing for a Victoria’s Secret gift card of $25.00 for the month of March. Every month, there’s another random drawing. But it’s for members only.

Don’t forget swag! That’s right. I’ll share with my team members things like bookmarks, notebooks, pens, key chains, etc. And team members can share their swag with their friends, family, librarians…anyone who loves to read HOT romance.

If you’d like to learn more, go to the team’s Facebook page by clicking here.

This isn’t like a regular FB page. We’re searching for team members who want to be active and get that behind the scenes viewpoint of the craziness, the hot stinking mess of writing and promoting, and what it’s like being part of the publishing world in erotic and hot romance.

Perfect for writers who are starting out and want to know…hey, that’s me in the near future. A great way to learn the ropes of promotion from the inside.


Carla Gallway said...

Great Post!!! :-)

jolliffe said...

Interesting post. Popping over to facebook now.:-)

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