NaNoWriMo 2012 Entry Gets Contracted...Now what?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I think writers have totally different goals going into NaNo. No duh!

There's the writer who loves the challenge, the writer who just wants to start the process, the writer who does NaNa every year, and a million variations in between.

For me, going into NaNo, I'd already had a contract and wanted to see  if it was possible to write a manuscript within NaNo that would get picked up or sold.

There's a very different outlook from that vantage point.

It means writing toward a goal, and not stopping once it's over (50K). It means already knowing what market the MS will be shopped. Beginning writers like myself make frequent mistakes in thinking all markets and publishers are alike. They are absolutely so different. If a writer wants to make their MS a commercial piece, then he/she can help the process by setting the following goals:
1. Genre requirements - that includes POV, plot points, character arcs.
2. Who to market: Match publishing house with writer voice and style. ALL ARE DIFFERENT.
3. Edit: Not during but after. EDIT, EDIT, EDIT
That means content and grammar. Structure is more important than grammar any day of the week. 4. Work your craft. Improve by reading craft books, articles, and the genre you write. If you read stellar work, the brain is a sponge and begins to formulate the same type of language.
5. Have fun. Enjoy this process. Whether you write from a detailed linear synopsis, fly by the seat of your pants, or write from the heart.

I'm starting NaNoWriMo Wednesday.
Each week, something different on what you can do to sell
that MS.
Whiners and complainers get lost.
This is for tough-minded writers with a serious goal:
submit your manuscript and get a contract.
It's that simple.

I'm one of those opinionated people that come off as arrogant. Really I think I'm passionate about the few things I believe in. One of them is having a goal and seeing it through. Talking the talking and walking the walking mean a lot from where I come from. With NaNo it's more than a hobby. I wanted to become a professional writer. Dreams to come true!

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