BEAUTIFUL BASTARD: What's the point of yoga?

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm reading Beautiful Bastard and wondered about the heroine, Chloe's reference to taking a yoga class.
As a RYT 200* immediately questions came to mind.
  • Type of yoga?
  • Favorite pose?
  • How'd she find yoga?
  • What does she get out of yoga?

What type of yoga would Chloe like? There's a vast array actually. I see her totally in a Vinyasa Flow Level 3 doing some hang time in an arm balance.
Chloe's favorite pose?
I'm thinking Warrior 3 or better yet Dancing Warrior (Shiva Rea's invention.)
Warrior sets up moving through various foot positions to stabilize the body before the final expression that is then a static pose where the yogi is given breath to release and breathe.
How would someone like her get involved in yoga?
When she speaks about the death of her mother, projectile tears occurred from my eyes. The dialogue is delivered for the first half of the book as machine-gun-style between Bennett and Chloe, a type of oral foreplay. Sharp and cutting, pulling and they react...OH DO THEY REACT. When Chloe drops the bomb into Bennett's lap, it's the impetus of their relationship turning, sweetening, and again the angst for them to cut the bullshit and just meld stabs the reader.

But back to the question, I could see a young woman helping her mother battle a fatal condition needing someplace to unwind and recoup and stumbling her way into a yoga studio.

This leads to the final question.
What does she get out of yoga?

As she learned coping skills, she found her grounding and the means to release her grief in lieu of placing her sorrow within her body, to get stuck. Many times, we do just that with emotions. We store them within bones, muscles, tensions/ligaments where they tighten, hurt, and eventually break.

So, why do people take up yoga and what keeps them coming back?

For me, it's the stability and challenge. The mat is not judgmental. I'm free to do what I please. And as Woody Allen says Success is 80% showing up. Just coming back is the biggest hurdle.

Ever feel that way?
What poses keep you centered or style of yoga melds with your personality?
POST by Susan D. Taylor (Susan Arden)

*Yoga Alliance Susan Azpillaga-Taylor, Registered Yoga Teacher-Vinyasa Flow
(Sorry I'm not accepting any new students due to writing schedule

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