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The Dragon Legacy

20 December 2013 – Official Release Day
The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt
from Crimson Frost Books.
Masked by murder mystery an apocalyptic battle rages.
The Dragon Legacy Cover
When emotionally fragile Fleur Curwen decides she wants excitement in her boring life she signs up for a Murder Mystery Weekend in the wilds of the English Lake District. She enters a paranormal world where danger and death are common occurrences.
Demon slayer Lukas Draco is a loner. He lives by two simple rules: No emotional entanglements and duty must remain his first priority. His beliefs are challenged when he’s inexplicably drawn to Fleur, a human woman with an unusual psychic aura. Sparks of sexual attraction ignite threatening both his search for the dragon’s egg he buried a thousand years ago and Fleur’s life. Under the cover of a murder mystery weekend an apocalyptic hunt begins’
Available from:
Amazon UK
Excerpts of Reviews:
  • ‘The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt is an atmospheric work of art… This page turner of a paranormal romance with its twist, beautiful imagery, hot scenes, and a great ending makes for a terrific read. I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Hunt’s books.’Anastasia Ryan (5*)
  • ‘The passion burns between them as white-hot as a passion involving dragon magic should… I give The Dragon Legacy 4.5 stars out of five. It’s a terrific read, and I hope it’s the start of a writing legacy from Jane Hunt. I had to go back and double-check that this was her debut novel, which it is; I wouldn’t have thought it from this book.’ Mac Rome.(4.5*)
  • ‘This is the type of story that you’d better be prepared to buckle up ‘cause it’s a fast, schmexy ride… Fast-paced paranormal romance with twists and turns, lots of interesting snippets, lyrical prose, HOT sexy scenes, and a happy ending!’ Sweet & Spicy Tales.(5*) 
  • ‘The Dragon Legacy starts off with sizzle and a heap of intrigue that has you page turning at a frantic pace. This isn’t a Whodunnit? but more of a ‘What the heck are they and will they survive?’ Tracey Rogers(5*)
  • ‘The story is dark, the romance intense. If you’re looking for a different world to escape into, pick this book for a page-turning read.’ Fiona Chapman(4*)
Contact information:
Contact author Jane Hunt via her website: - Jane Hunt Writer or mailto:jolliffe2819@gmail.com
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10 December 2013- 10 January 2014

CHRISTMAS PAWS Contest & $200 Giveaway

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Here's a picture of BAKARA
my sweet girl who came from the Williamson County Animal Shelter.
An Australian Cattle Dog aka Blue Heeler
She'd been out on the streets for weeks when she was picked up
and was so poorly trained the animal shelter
suggested we take her home on a trial basis.
She bit people on the ankles trying to herd us, destroyed furniture,
opened cabinets to get her own "snacks"
until my husband slowly worked with her and showed us all how to train her...
Actually I think we were training ourselves.
Bakara (her name means watcher) is still a bit wild,
but as sweet, smart and loving as any dog I could hope to share a life with.

If you'd like a free ebook copy from my backlist,
just leave a comment with your name & email contact.


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#NaNoWriMo at 56K Teaser for GIRLS' NIGHT OUT

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Bad Boys Series (Book 4)
Chapter 20
The memory of Cory's body up against his had Brett shifting in his seat, unable to find a comfortable spot. Early this morning he’d kissed her before taking off for Fort Worth. He’d not let her make him coffee when she asked and he’d not showered to spend the last second he could with her in bed, underneath him as he drove himself deep into her sweetness. Their parting kiss hovered in his thoughts as the miles sped by. Her laughter, the way her eyes captured the light had kept him from taking a deep breath and made leaving her damn near impossible.

During the trip toward the training facility, the feel of her mouth swam in his mind as he twisted the steering wheel in his hand. He’d not mentioned goodbye. The word never crossed his lips. Hell no. Everything that went into their kiss spelled out how he’d miss her and the promise of I’ll see you soon.

Now, back at the training facility he had to get is head on tight. One week to prepare and he’d be playing in San Diego. Not too far for Cory to travel. He’d offered to get her plane tickets, but she texted she’d drive down. He sat in the trainer’s office, an ice pack on his shoulder.

“What the hell happened to you?” Paul asked, a clipboard in hand. He scribbled notes, rarely cracked a smile this go round, and then abruptly walked over to Brett. Ripping off several pieces of tape he stuck to the side of the padded exam table, he glanced up. “Thought you were quitting idiotic behavior.”

“Would it make a difference if I said, this time I’m not guilty of losing my head?”

“Everyone says that. This ain’t court.”

“Brothers taking out their frustration. Nothing much to tell.”

“Oh, shit. Even better. Tack that on your list to avoid in the future. Flex your foot.” Paul began taping his ankle that had gotten twisted in the scuffle. The trainer shouted out orders for other trainers to follow with more and more players showing up for practice. “You’re on the radar of upstairs.”

“How do you know?”

“Doesn’t matter. I just do. And you’d better get with the program of walking the straight and narrow. You want to play ball here next year or not.”

“If we go to the Super Bowl, I’m hoping I’ll be invited back.”

“Of course you would. But you putting your money on that one horse pony race? If this team doesn’t make the playoffs, there’s going to be a rash of trades with New York. Even New Jersey is eager to get a couple of our guys. The owners are tired of the piss poor reputation of whore dogs this team has managed to acquire. The wild parties, arrests, and the press coverage is getting to the point of wanting to focus on that nonsense more so than how well the team is playing. It's gonna stop. You’d better decide which side of the fence you’re on. You read me?”

“Loud and clear. Thanks, I’m not going to do something stupid.”

“Looks like you opened a can of whoop-ass-stupid over the weekend.”

Shit, he wasn’t going to defend himself. In part, he’d brought Cory’s brothers’ wrath on him and just as he showed her his desire to curb her waywardness, he wasn’t about to pussy out and make excuses to the McLemores or his trainer. He’d fucked up. He wasn’t going to repeat that mistake. He’d had plenty of time on the drive back to get his head together. It was time to make his moves where Cory was concerned. Game on.

“Can you look at my shoulder? It’s burning.”

“How much ibuprofen are you on?


“Shit, Brett. You are playing a crooked game with your body.”

“Look I’m serious this time around. Ice. Anti-inflammatories. Exercises.”

“You gotta do the exercises, not talk about doing them. And take the meds. Damn you’re more stubborn than a bull.” He grabbed a bottle off the shelf, then set it down, picked up another and wung it over to Brett. “Merry Christmas.”

NaNoWriMo 2013 Entry
CHAPTER 19 ~ Immediately precedes the one above
    “Do you have a condom?”

     Brett’s lips curled up at one corner. He held out his palm and she stared at the shiny blue packet. Taking it, she swiped her fingertips over his skin and a jolt zinged up her arm. “Sure you don’t want some help?” he asked in a low rasp.

     “I think I can do it.” She tore the pack and removed the circular disk of latex. She turned the condom over in her hand and gently held onto his shaft.

    “Grip me, like you mean it. I’m hardly fragile, baby.” Oh he’d proven that today, hadn’t he? His face was a mass of bruises, bumps, and cuts. She sucked in a breath over what he’d take on account of her blockhead impulsive streak.

    She nodded and held his titanium shaft firmly, then rolled the condom down his length. She dug her knees along the sides of his narrow hips, holding his fully swathed cock up between her thighs. Lifting up, she swiped him over herself. God, he felt incredible.
   “I’m going to ride you until you come," she promised.

    On top of him, she began flexing her hips, finding that perfect combination of moving faster while taking him deeper. His eyes darkened into shades of green she’d known to exist inside the pine forests that surrounded the ranch. Only his weren’t cool and shadowy. Flames were ready to burst from Brett’s gaze and singe her skin. Her body was on fire riding on top of this man. He squeezed her breasts, rolling her nipples in between his fingers as he told her how beautiful she was fucking his brains out.

    Heat waves flash burned under her skin. She didn’t want this to end too soon and slowed the rolling motion of her hips, throwing her head back, and making her hair arc in the air. Droplets of perspiration flew from her face and strands of her long hair stuck to the sweat dripping down her back. She’d been on stallions that could take the distance under a summer sun as long as she didn’t give in and let the beast’s power go to his incredibly gorgeous head. Fuck. Her thoughts twisted, and the mercurial horse from her memory faded as the stud beneath her gripped her hips.
    “I want to fuck you like nobody’s business,” Brett said. He began moving her, bending her body at just the right angle and there. Oh shit. He found the perfect spot. And not by mistake. He thrust his cock into her a little deeper, grazing her into a frenzied state of nail raking and commanding her to move faster. “That’s it. Baby, give it to me.”

    The exquisite feel of him devoured her senses. In a rush of glowing light, her eyes rolled back in to her head. Brett reached out for her fingers. He interlaced his with hers, pulling her upright. Opening her eyes, she refocused on him.

   “Not yet. This isn’t over. I want you to come undone,” he said.

    “Who says I’m bowing out?” She pressed her weight down on his cock and gripped his hips with her trembling thighs.

    “Cowgirl, give me what you’ve got.” He flexed his hips upward at the same time she lowered her body. He filled her as she pressed forward. Her muscles burned, contracted as she rose up and down him, weaving pleasure into tight ribbons across her body. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, refusing to be swept away by the stream of aching emotions that filled her to the brink as she cantered on top of him. Grinding herself along his length, and squeezing herself all around him, she refused to back down or away from something this dangerous, something that threatened to blast her apart. Their last night and she’d not shy away from the man beneath her.

    “Don’t lie to me. I see you’re the one coming undone,” she murmured with the growing explosion ready to overtake her and hurdle her over the brink.

     “Baby, I’m there.” The muscles along his shoulders and arms bunched. He grunted partial words, then shuddered. They both were falling fast. His six-pack abs rippled into cords under her thighs. His whole body contracted, and then her name spilled from his devious mouth. Not once but several times. And then she let go, diving into the bliss the enveloped her completely.
    How long had it been? Her breath still came in gulps. He gazed up her, his hands resting on her waist.

   “That was wild. Come here.” He opened his arms and she tumbled over his chest, her hair plastered to her forehead. She inhaled the scent of his skin, listening to the rapid beat of his heart, and closing her eyes wanting this moment to never end.

Thank you for reading!
Girls Night Out (Book 4) ~ Cory McLemore's Story
The girl little sister has finally grown all up.
The McLemore Family and Extended Family
From Miami to Texas
Men who work hard and love fiercely.
Women who know what they want and aren't afraid of a good fight (fair or otherwise)
Sizzling white-hot love scenes
You come too!

His family ruined both of their careers...Alpha Speed Dating just released

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ONE MISTAKE is all it took to get fired
ONE LIFETIME may never be enough time to forget the man
who ruined her career
ONE NIGHT is all it took to forgive the past

As the next Earl of Essex, Conrad Fisher's reckless life resembles a hurricane, wreaking mayhem on Mari Dunhill's career. Mari was fired from her reporter post at the Denver Times for her attempt to set the record straight about Conrad's recent tabloid fiasco. They meet by chance at the Downtown Den during a round of speed dating. Suddenly, Mari is thrust onto a collision course about to implode thanks to one commanding English playboy.

An alpha wolf, Conrad's running on empty, unwilling to join the almighty Wolf News media conglomerate owned by his family's powerful pack. As a freelance journalist, he marches to a lone wolf drum fused with a fiery temper, until he encounters an alluring she-wolf. Driven to the brink by Mari's curvaceous body, Conrad refuses to back away when this stubborn she-wolf attempts to shut him down.

Now the chase is on. One night and Conrad won't stop until Mari is upstairs and under him.
Heat Rating: Nuclear explosive when these two out of control wolves
give into a howling hot mess
of temptation and sin!
Book 4 of the Best Selling Erotic Romance
Collared for a Night (Book 1) is Amazon's Romance
Selection for November Monthly Deal Promo
Ranked 1,124 on all of Kindle Amazon.com 
~ Paranormal Romance Best Seller
Blood Brothers (Book 2) Decadent Publishing Best Seller
in Oct for Gay Romance
Her Lycan Lover (Book 3) Best Seller for Time Travel
Gothic Paranormal Erotic Romance
Mature Content +18
due to graphic nature

HOT HALLOWEEN HEROES : Her Lycan Lover is a Fighter

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop
Hosted by

Paranormal EROTIC romance featuring shifters of all sorts.
Leopard, Lycan, coyote, empathy skin-walking vampires, and lots and lots of wolves.
And then of course we have our own spellcaster from the Council of Sisters.
Who doesn't adore HOT romance where tensions run high?  
I am crazy for a lover who is the ultimate fighter. For his beliefs, his woman, his world.

The newest release is HER LYCAN LOVER,
Wolf & Witch sub-series. 
All you need is one out of control Lycan roaming the Earth in search of his mate. But the fates refuse to be kind in this story. In order to unlock the Lycan's heart, a devious act is required of such magnitude that his savage nature is unleashed in his desire to claim his mate and protect her from danger.
Not just any mate will do either. Only an untouchable. A pure spellcaster is a match for this immortal Lycan.
Quinn Rothschild, IV may I introduce Sherry Delacroix.
Dark Fae are crossing into Earth's realm in search of four spellcasters to permanently destroy the energy shield separating the void. It's up to Sherry to repair the rip with her magical dagger. And it's up to Quinn to keep her safe. But when Sherry's friend is kidnapped, she comes out of hiding to confront the face of evil. Only the one hiding in the shadows, isn't the face of evil she expected.
Forget about keeping her enemy near, when the one Sherry  least suspects wants you dead.
On Sale until November 1
Grab your copy now.
My Lycan Husband
Book #2 in the Wolf & Witch sub-series  
follows in
early 2014
Lettie returns from Book 1
with a shifter owl
I'm trying to decide on the gender for the shifter owl.
For a chance to win
some Den swag, I'm taking votes on whether the owl should be male
Let me know your thoughts (pink or blue)
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One random winner will be chosen.
Internationals are welcome.
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Pick a book, read, and review!
Meet bad boy cowboys, hot-as-hell wolf shifters,
a kickass Midnight Lycan,
empathy vampire,
a man who can charm the panties off a rocker in Nashville music scene.

Catch me, Susan Arden
here on
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And thank you for supporting
an indie author.
 Author with Best Seller history:
on Amazon
#1 Ranked Western
#1 Ranked Fantasy
#2 Ranked Paranormal
#5 Time Traveler
#1 Hispanic
Also on Best Seller lists for Western Romance, Paranormal Shifters
Multicultural Romances, Short Stories, Erotic Short Stories

All Romance Ebook Best Seller and Staff Pick

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Jamie McCartney. Sculpture, photography,design. Socio-political images to discuss.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catch Jamie McCartney here and enjoy.
So much to capture your attention.




OVERVIEW OF McCartney's Gallery

How's your vagina today? Female Sexuality isn't something to keep in the closet.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Female? You've got one.
Male and straight, you wished you had one.
Either way, a vagina is a great source of inspiration.
And confusion.
Or Joy.


Sheathed inside clothing, rarely does one take her own vagina out for a stroll...down to Starbucks or to the grocery or out to a gallery opening.

Mmm, wait.
Times are changing.


With an exhibit such as the Great Wall of Vaginas definitely.
Nine meters long and over 400 participants in the casting.
To prompt discussion about a body part that doesn't get much light and is so much apart of who we are in so far as people and individually.
What do we think of ourselves as women (the grouping) or alone. The part of oneself that weaves within the physical and intellectual and spiritual facets. Part of our in sexuality.
With the rise of plastic surgery including having one's nether regions redone, it's interesting considering the open discussion
on sexuality tends to run and hide.
A paradox, but not really.
Sex sells.
Commercialized S-E-X is not our sexuality.

We all know that if you're over the age of venturing to the mall and understanding what's in the windows.
Open a magazine, and there it is.
On TV, in the movies and songs for sure.
Bring out the talk of a vagina and all talk at a dinner table either stops or starts up...rapidly. A far different reaction than say the weather or even politics.
Genitalia isn't a secret, but we act like it is.
The human body has the tendency to be objectified
while sequestering the force behind the reason for the season.
Sex is why we're here.
Pure. Simple.
But beyond procreation, a world exists in the realm of sexual connection. And some women are getting the shaft...figuratively.
The corporeal takes the front seat in society with all eyes on the outer package. The connotation that what lies underneath is of less value. Put it on the shelf and dust it when company comes over.
The idea of sexuality is skated upon.
Women are sexual creatures and sexuality has little to do with my other packaging. 
As a writer of erotica or erotic romance,
the vagina isn't cloistered. But what is sought is a tendency to reflect society in what we're told to believe.
No denying the Cinderella story is alive and well.
Point a finger and you darn well get it, four point back.

So, what to take away from opening the discussion on sexuality?
It's a conundrum in that in that it is physical, but not.
It's the visceral responses whether touched upon *pun intended*alone or with another person. Sexual release is the point where sure bonds between characters fictional or real.
Yet for women, we're driven to believe it should.
But really?
Aren't we free to explore without ties.
For certain, the emotional expressed in the body connects readers to the words on the page.
The ability to connect and the actual connection are housed in the mind, although we deem it the heart.
Sexuality is physical, emotional, and surreal.

But it doesn't mean I'm linked with steel fencing to another human. We're doorways for each other
and sometimes to each other.
Nothing to be compulsive about nor shamed.
Welcome to the world where more than half of humanity has a vagina.
Release your psychic wounds.
Explore your sexuality.
Celebrate your femininity.
 There's no answer other than to start to ponder where you stand with a vagina?


Jamie McCartney is an English artist, trained at Hartford Art School, USA, from where he graduated with highest honours in 1991. Jamie is an artist who is hard to define. He admits to having had a largely sculptural oevre but his work crosses many disciplines and he shuns any particular label. “I blame my degree in Experimental Studio Art... I’m still experimenting”.

Playing the Edge or Edgeplay

Sunday, October 6, 2013

In writing erotic romance and erotica, characters are placed in tenuous situations. Fictional risk takers who are keen to dive into the deep end of the carnal pool. Readers must also be aware of the journey when it comes to these types of stories; first and foremost, or someone isn't going to be happy.

I adore reading romantic scorchers like Beautiful Bastard and Sylvia Day's Crossfire series. Step right up and then free fall into hot romance. Breath stealing antics of these men filled page after page. Boy was that a slice of heated heaven during the read and even afterwards…the glorious me-more-rays. Or better deemed, the ultimate sign of well-crafted erotic fiction. Swooning aftermath.

What is hotter than hot in romance?
I think I found it and am sharing. EDGEPLAY. Heck, even the term sounds provocative.
In Blood Brothers and the trilogy Playing the Edge (Taken, Swoon Romance 2014) there was a definite linear drive into pushing limits.  Hard limits of characters. Farther than I'd traveled in prior books and I hope readers who “come with” are well-informed. Because seriously, that’s what edgeplay is all about if we aim to stay…protected.
When erotica glides into the BDSM hot tub, an author must know how far a character can be pushed in terms of where boundaries exist fictionally and in reality (i.e. Safe, Sane Consensual) to stop from crossing a demarcated line between kink and abuse.
The duality of pushing limits is presented in Blood and Taken. Some readers may pick up on the pair of doorways offered in these stories. Both books feature yoga practioners. And both books explore the world of BDSM. Two realms with limits. Hard and Soft. Risks are taken, but there is a fork in the proverbial road,  in the characters’ worlds and ours.
 In yoga, what I study, explore, and practice is used to inform my writing. A practioner pushes his or her limits by "playing the edge." In yoga, this playing your edge means taking your practice to the point where your experience and ability are being pushed a tad farther to permit growth. There's a definite feel when you're there. For me, mastering a handstand, the inverted balance came over time or even now, holding a pose longer, stronger. But one must show up again and again. And yep, again. In yoga, awareness is so much part of mat play, and it's a rush to be at one's edge. Adrenaline for sure.
In BDSM, pushing limits is also a doorway and edgeplay is super serious business. Hard limits are defined prior to sexual connection. And edgeplay, if it lacks carefully constructed terms, opens the seekers to risks or worse, harm. Edgeplay is explored in explicit terms in Blood. So please, this book isn't for you if you're looking for urban fantasy wolf shifter and/or vampire tales involving a chase and some mating action. 
Blood Brothers explodes within the world where two lovers are hard core ex-military and pain is what they've known as marines in active duty. Without the means to express (articulate) their fears, they search for release in pushing limits in dangerous situations. For Tristen it's in the realm of work/business, doing what needs to be done without backup. For Fin release is sought in the bedroom. Fin’s hunger entwines his lover delivering him past the of his ability to withstand physical pain. Difficult to define because this point is woven with seductive pleasure. Fin doesn’t want protected edgeplay. He wants it cutting and spontaneous. This type of by-the-seat-of-your-pants eroticism has already gotten both these lovers in trouble.
So, we step back. How to go forward when lovers are stuck, one wanting more emotionally and the other wanting to break boundaries for the wrong reason? Fin and Tristen simultaneously stand at a couple of edges.
Within consensual kink, I had to give the men constructed boundaries where the inherent risks were addressed. And that isn’t just in fiction. Edgeplay (in serious BDSM cultures) is discussed and defined. Bondage, discipline, gear used, force exercised, who plays, how long, when to pull back. Not alluded as we can do in fiction.
In Blood Brothers, these characters skate the sexual edge of dominance and submission, and step back. And frustration sets in for Fin, driving him into action. Fin and Tris arrive at a sexual stalemate.
What's required is some objectivity in the form of a third person. For more than just aspects of an erotic ménage encounter (although, there is that sexy factor). Yet in edgeplay, as presented in Blood Brothers, it is Santo who represents what is found in the some BDSM communities as informed consent. Sounds bureaucratic. A rule based system can taste, smell, feel like a bureaucracy and that was an eye-opener for me in how rule-based and structured BDSM is in so far as some sex clubs and sexual scenarios in private (as deeply explored in Taken). Santo is a type of force and presents an edge for Fin and Tristen, representing the idea of risk must be tempered and agreed upon.
In BDSM, the connection is driven and derived by control. And the person in the submissive position has a majority of the power. The dominant or commanding partner acts on the desires of the one who lays it all out there. If may not seem that way on the outside. I found out fast it is where defining the logistics in fictional bedrooms. The strength of the bottom's wishes became evident on this side of the page. In BDSM scenarios, hard limits are defined in terms of structure, and the focus is upon what is desired. Riding the line of edgeplay packs on the tension in a place to explore sexuality. Fictional and real life.

In writing Blood and Taken, the challenge was to push the characters and yet hold back, That push-n-pull dynamic was played with over and over. Scenes were written, then rewritten, contemplating where to draw the lines based upon the psychological needs of the characters present within scene(s).

In playing the edge and edgeplay, as a writer I learned to turn and torque the heat while the characters strove to blast across boundaries. Seem impossible, it's not. In writing romance, the story can become akin to a runaway train. Reining in romance, requires distance. And that’s not always easy when dealing with personalities that seek adrenaline saturated risks.
Same thing in life. To play the edge or edgeplay, there's a point of no return and one must know where it is, to ride a searing point without getting burned.

I hope you come too, finding an edge to play. Namaste.

BLOOD BROTHERS Teaser for Seductive Studs & Sirens

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seductive Studs & Sirens for Oct 5, 2013

It's October and what better way to celebrate seductive tales than some hawt marines. I'm talking able-bodied wolf shifters with a shot of vampire tantalization to swirl into this mix of erotic urban fantasy. These men work hard and play harder as war-torn marines returning from a tour of duty.

Their battle scars surface, leaving them without the means to communicate unless it's physically. One-on-one. So far, mind reading absolutely sucks.

These two spend the day as enforcers within the realm of Shawn Barclay's Denver business. No problems there. Who needs conversation with a Glock and extra rounds. But at night hard limits are being pushed.

Tristen suffers from anxiety attacks coming on with greater frequency and Fin refuses to deal with his pain except with a need for serious BDSM edgeplay. An innocent hook up with Santo, also ex-military and a vampire, leads to exploration of doorways. Santo uses his unique skill set in a night where all three dive into the depth of their desires.

Book Title BLOOD BROTHERS (#2)
Paranormal Romance Series Title Rocky Mountain Shifters
Werewolves, Vampire, Ex-military

Caution: This tale will tantalize, causing flaming fantasies to the point of searing. Be ready to sweat.
Enjoy the following excerpt for Blood Brothers

 What he wanted was candlelight, hot oil, and chilled vodka shots while they explored each other’s bodies.

He glanced at his partner and did a double-take. Tristen casually rubbed his hands down the front of his body, over his very prominent hard-on, and a growl worked up his throat as he smiled that mesmerizing smile of his at Santo. Fin didn’t need to be a mind reader to know Tristen liked what he saw. Goddammit. His lover was actually excited. Now the condom might very well be on the other dick.

Without another thought, he stroked downward along Tristen’s crotch and sure enough, he was ragingly rigid. The man rocked against his fingers, their eyes snapping together. Fin didn’t know if he should laugh or punch Tristen.

“Now who’s ready and willing?” Fin asked dryly.

Grab your copy of Blood Brothers here:


 Author Bio

"I don't write about sex to solely titillate. I write about being in love and the depth of this consuming emotion is expressed at multiple levels of human understanding. The creation of hot romance is varied; whether it is the weaving a primal instinct into the tension of a paranormal shifter romance or the layering of emotion where a character has learned to trust again. This instinct to connect exists and binds us together."

Susan Arden grew up in Miami, attending bilingual schools which lends itself to her interest in writing multicultural stories. Previously, a teacher in the field of special education and biology, Susan pursues her dream of writing fiction with several releases this year. Crafting sweet and spicy tales, she writes crazy-hot love stories across romance subgenres including contemporary (erotic), Western, fantasy/paranormal, and rock star. Find her stories under the name of Susan D. Taylor when it comes to mermaids and evil twin sisters. Currently, she lives in TN along with husband, two cattle dogs, two outlandish cats, a gecko and a corn snake. As of 2011, Susan became an RYT200 Yoga Alliance specializing in vinyasa flow for those with health concerns. She is a member of the RWA, CIMRWA, and Paranormal Romance Guild.


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