Curl up with a sexy cowboy: TOO HOT TO HANDLE

Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Giveaway
Too Hot To Handle by Susan Arden 
will chase away the chill.

Hot, sexy, funny romance! 
Cross a girl on the run with a stubborn marine turned rancher 
and their sexy hookup is anything but over… 
Inside an airport terminal, Margo Santero can’t seem to avoid the handsome stranger.
 For a woman with too many secrets to hide, a cocky Marine is a dangerous distraction. 
Except maybe just this once…

Bestseller Western Romance
Also free on Amazon UK, click to visit and grab your copy.
Never say never 

Praise for Too Hot To Handle

"Arden's novel--the tenth in her Bad Boys series--is punctuated by frequent steamy sex scenes, including one of the BDSM variety, and will likely satisfy her loyal readers as well as newcomers who are fans of the genre. Margo and Rod bicker and banter and ultimately can't keep their hands off each other, and it's no spoiler to say that love ultimately conquers all." -Kirkus Review

"This erotic romance features a smoking hot, sexy, alpha male cowboy and a barely legal runaway. Full of action, the story will have you turning the pages to see what happens next." RT Book Reviews

"This very erotic story is chock full of sizzling carnal encounters, angst, and family drama." -Night Owl Review

"Definitely a suspense-filled plot that sizzles off the pages as Susan Arden uses a blowtorch to scorch each scene." Tome Tender

"Not only are the sex scenes off the charts, we also have a great story line." Alpha Book Club

"A great and sexy read that will keep you on your toes until the very end. You will hate to see it end." Bab's Book Bistro

"The plot kept you turning the page and holding your breath hoping Margo and Rod figure out a way to stop her step - uncle and get their happy ever after." Sweet and Spicy Reads

Hot hot hot!

Sexy Senator Stone is Hard At Work

Friday, May 5, 2017

If you like your men tall, dark, and gorgeous, dear reader you've come to right mansion. Bennett Stone is the perfect fantasy come true for women who want it all.

HARD AT WORK by Susan Arden.
Book Alert: Sexy-minded bookworms with a taste for twisted, dark deceit climb aboard this train wreck romance!
Seduced By The Senator (Beautiful Betrayal Book #1) will rock your world full-tilt!
Romance readers, if you have a sinful side that needs to be freed have I got something dark and dangerous for you! SENATOR BENNETT STONE IS BACK!
Beautiful Betrayal Book #1 returns in June 2017. This juicy novel is an enemies-to-lovers romance, and so much more. This series promises to be nothing like you're ever going to read. It crosses a line and draws from the experience of a writing duo under the bestselling pen name of Susan Arden. This story isn't cobbled together from a soccer mom or willing investagoogling romantic, these writers have first-hand knowledge of the Hill and below.
    One writer spent time in D.C. The other has first-hand knowledge of the underground world... don't ask. It was a long time ago.
Originally posted online in 2014.
Within a couple of months it gained over 180,000 reads
and over 1,650+ reviews.
Published briefly as Dirty Little Secrets in 2015
the series was reworked to include the family and the hero's history.
Bennett and Xavia are back in the bestselling Beautiful Betrayal series.
Beautiful Betrayal series is guaranteed to blow your mind!
Let's clarify by what we mean dirty: the man's done things. Bad boy: he's inked, pierced, and uses semi-automatic weapons with finesse.When we say suspense, we're talking victims, executions, elections, mayhem, money, fast cars, private jets, elite lifestyles. Senator Stone is part of the inner circle of: POTUS, Bratva Irish Mob Calabria mafia... Stone capitalizes on power, pain, and DANGER! Don't be fooled by other supposed dirty political romances when it comes to red-hot sizzle in the bedroom or on the Hill.
Senator Bennett Stone is the original bad boy in D.C.
In settling a score, the good senator is smoke & mirrors. A sham. Bennett is broken. He's done enough to require a bodyguard. Stone doesn't pretend to be a saint. That would be his uncle.  Stone's a congressman with a taste for dirty, dark... hair-pulling action. He's met his match in a woman who has secrets to hide. Phoenix  Xavia  O'Malley hails from an American dynasty family running a savage black swan game to win at any cost. Beware of pastels and pearls and a summer on the Cape. It's a prison sentence to 'X' and one she's about to escape. Powerful people will topple. Dynasties will battle like Titans. When the dust clears, the truth will hobble a nation. Make no mistake, there's only one SENATOR series. It's Dirty Little Secrets all grown up into a true romance suspense saga and coming back in full-color, no-holds-barred! Stay tuned for more news about your favorite bad boy 'cause he's HARD AT WORK. Beautiful Betrayal: every story war has two sides this Summer 2017.

Hard At Work Book #1 releasing June 2017
Hot On The Trail  Book # 2  releasing July 2017

Great Books for Rainy Days

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Is it rainy where you are? Hopefully, not flooding.
So far for three days, it's rained cats and dogs in Nashville. Instead of gardening, I'm celebrating World Book Day by taking a break  to catch up on four heart pounding stories that are edgy, a little dark, and super fun reads. 📚

Four Books

In case you're interested, here's my full-throttle fast read book list with tea suggestions, optimal for wet weather☔:
  • Top is Star Wars THRAWN by Timothy Zahn
  • THE CHOSEN by J.R. Ward (Book 15 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
  • ALL BY MYSELF, ALONE by Mary Higgins Clark 
  • ONE PERFECT LIE by Lisa Scottoline
Tea Suggestions and ones I've tried (photos included):

Rainy Day To-Do List: The Chosen and Hot Chai Tea

  • English Breakfast sets up nicely for Thrawn.
  • Chai Latte is spicy hot and perfect for The Chosen .(Easy recipe: heat cold filtered water to boil. steep tea for three minutes [I like mine dark], then add 2 heaping teaspoons of turbino sugar and milk. Stir. Sooo yum!
Make it hot, rainy day reading and a cuppa
  • Refresh (Full-Leaf ) Mint lovely for All By Myself, Alone
  • Raspberry Passion goes great with One Perfect Lie
So if it's raining where you're at (or not), what are you reading and drinking? Any special concoctions you'd like to share, please do!😄
The Chose is pretty hot!

Franklin, TN on Sunday during misting rain.
Barefoot and fancy free! #amreading #writerslife #sunday #bookworm

 FYI: Next week my husband and I are doing a thing involving whiskey and reading. It ought to be interesting!
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