Great Books for Rainy Days

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Is it rainy where you are? Hopefully, not flooding.
So far for three days, it's rained cats and dogs in Nashville. Instead of gardening, I'm taking a break  to catch up on four heart pounding stories that are edgy, a little dark, and super fun reads. 📚
In case you're interested, here's my full-throttle fast read book list with tea suggestions, optimal for wet weather☔:
  • Top is Star Wars THRAWN by Timothy Zahn
  • THE CHOSEN by J.R. Ward (Book 15 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
  • ALL BY MYSELF, ALONE by Mary Higgins Clark 
  • ONE PERFECT LIE by Lisa Scottoline
Tea Suggestions and ones I've tried (photos included):

Rainy Day To-Do List: The Chosen and Hot Chai Tea

  • English Breakfast sets up nicely for Thrawn.
  • Chai Latte is spicy hot and perfect for The Chosen .(Easy recipe: heat cold filtered water to boil. steep tea for three minutes [I like mine dark], then add 2 heaping teaspoons of turbino sugar and milk. Stir. Sooo yum!
Make it hot, rainy day reading and a cuppa
  • Refresh (Full-Leaf ) Mint lovely for All By Myself, Alone
  • Raspberry Passion goes great with One Perfect Lie
So if it's raining where you're at (or not), what are you reading and drinking? Any special concoctions you'd like to share, please do!😄
The Chose is pretty hot!

Franklin, TN on Sunday during misting rain.
Barefoot and fancy free! #amreading #writerslife #sunday #bookworm

 FYI: Next week my husband and I are doing a thing involving whiskey and reading. It ought to be interesting!

Look up. It isn't a bird, plane or superman!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Once fiction now turns reality on its ear.
Driverless Taxi! 
Ubber says what?
Whether you're a reader or a writer, the times are 'a changing!'

Drone this, drone that, it's great sci-fi on the horizon of our lives.
Soon we all expect packages to be delivered by drone and I'm ready!
So when Ehang (a drone company out of China) announced a driverless taxi, things are moving quickly toward driverless cars as well.

Tesla better put into high gear with the Ehang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. This helicopter has a 142 HP and is considered a personal flying vehicle. I don't know about you but going up ten floors and standing on a ledge is sweat-inducing. 
John Hancock Building
Link Get Your Heat Pumping
That's nothing given the 184 AAV can do heights of 11,000 feet! Little piloting experienced required...okay...
Take away: Does it come with a parachute?

Pickup Line Romance Contest

Monday, April 3, 2017


Enter the Pickup Line Contest between April 3-7, 2017. Fun and free. C'mon!

So, a man enters a bar and his eyes connect with the gaze of a woman. Their connection is immediate, raw, and not going away.
It's his move. If he's on his game, the pickup line is on the tip of his tongue and more. It's the fire in his eyes. It's the quirk to his lips.
It's his swagger and before he gets to the girl...
We feel it too! Romance is palpable. It's real.
Turned up in the heat rolling off our hero's ripped-in steel body.
Cocky bad boys says what?
Welcome to the SPRING INTO ROMANCE Giveaway Blog Hop!
April 3 - 17, 2017
A bad boy enters a bar and meets a girl...

Pickup line contestWhat puts the scoot in your boot? Humor? Smooth moves? Smart? Shy? Cute Geek? Jock?

Whoa! We've all heard pickup lines. In person, from friends, on TV, in books. Some make us laugh, others cringe, and a few melt our hearts. Which one can't you forget?

tell us what's your favorite PICKUP LINE (who, where, when, etc.). 

One winner will be chosen on April 8. Prize an e-book copy of Breaking a Bad Boy and $5.00 gift card. Good luck! 
Featured Book: BREAKING A BAD BOY Author: Susan Arden
Series: Bad Boys Western Romance

Teaser Excerpt:
Rory cocked a brow and his lips curved up.      
For her.

​Sommer’s chest tightened so much her nipples pebbled. She ached to feel his mouth on her skin—just once to confirm he was all she’d fantasized about and more. Her cowboy greeted what seemed like a hundred folks on his way through the place. Every second, she savored the effect of his black T-shirt, straining over the miles of sculpted muscle housed underneath. ‘Drool-worthy’ should be stamped above the tribal band she’d recently inked on his left bicep.
     Her heart hammered like a racehorse against her ribs as a heat wave billowed over her cheeks. Ridiculous to react this way to one man.
      After what seemed like a year, Rory came up to the empty seat next to her. “Got this saved for someone special, sugar?” he asked in that baritone voice of his that rumbled in his chest and awakened every one of Sommer's nerves.
     Flicking her long blond hair over her shoulder, she arched a brow at him. “Excuse me, but have we met before?”
    “About six million times.” Rory squeezed her rear and his bright blue eye suddenly darkened. “But baby, tonight you’re a sight.”
Breaking a Bad Boy Book #4 in the bestselling Bad Boys Western Romance series
Available on Amazon: ​
Take a peek at the other awesome blogs on the list. Hop on over. There's more to see and win! 
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