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Susan Arden
"I love the concept of falling in love. The type of romantic journey that is so intense, it's borders on insanity."--Susan Arden

Diversity in fiction is a biggie for me. I love-eat-think about words, sentences and 'why' if not 'what if.' A million years ago I had the privilege of teaching wee folk.

But the universe had other plans. From a window, I fell into a world filled with romance. Both real and fiction. Married the man in back of me at Starbucks after being a widow. And from tragedy decided to dance at the edge of a cliff. Leaping, I found my wings as a writer. So if you doubt dreams can come true, ask me about having the rug yanked, and how in falling you can find the courage to jump.

Just got into cover art and interior book design which is a whole other fascinating world. I'm not into chocolate...I prefer brightly colored candy. Wildflowers over roses. Definitely, I adore the company of children and animals over politicians and bureaucrats. I believe in the magic of fate and destiny, if we open our hearts wider than our eyes. 

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Previously a teacher with an MS. Ed in TESOL, Susan is married and lives outside Nashville. Besides writing in partnership with her husband, they're involved in environmental engineering, have three daughters, and lots and lots of animals. When she's not writing, she's wishing that series Penny Dreadful and Dark Sails would continue. In the meantime, she avidly watches Homeland, Games of Thrones and knits scarves. Winter's coming!

Two writers. One name. A partnership. Check out the Susan Arden team's blog to keep up this sweet & spicy romance world.

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How to go from zero to published:

1. Write every day.

2. Study the craft and never stop seeking to improve.

3. Join NaNoWriMo. Susan Arden's first NaNoWriMo manuscript grew so large it became two books. Tempted Twice and Branded as Trouble. Branded sold to Crimson Romance. Tempted By Trouble (released April 1, 2013.)

4. Write across genres until you find your voice. Explore what ignites your passion. Originally I wrote within the fantasy PNR subgenre featuring mermaids and shape shifters. I sold a 3-installment series Rocky Mountain Shifters to Crimson Collared For A Night .

5. Don't be afraid to self-publishing. BUT DO HIRE A GOOD EDITOR AND PROOFER. The first time out the door it's imperative. And if you have family or friends, give them parts to Beta reader. So far I've used over fifteen editors/proofers. Not all are a good fit and a writer has to find his/her rhythm and the type of team that supports them. Experiment.

6. READ CONTRACTS carefully. Publishers promise the moon and some deliver. But some don't. That means hire an attorney or ask questions. You can alter a contract before its signed. NOT after the fact.

7. And read all the time. A writer has to a reader first.

8. COMMUNITY AND CHARITY: Give back. Don't ask authors to read and help you. That's what classes (online and local) are for. Or join a writers' group (excellent sources of info for new authors and writers). Be charitable.

9. Love what you do. If writing is your passion, it will find you.


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Life is a journey and dreams do come true.
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Rita in Raleigh said...

I just read Collared for a Night. It was a good read except for the mistake repeated often of "give into" when you meant "give in to". That was really distracting.
Give in means Cease fighting or arguing; yield; surrender:
he reluctantly gave in to the pressure
give in
Cease fighting or arguing; yield; surrender:
he reluctantly gave in to the pressure
give on to (or into)
British (Of a window, door, corridor, etc.) overlook or lead into:
a plate glass window gave on to the roof
A glass door gives on to a roomful of fruit and vegetables.
Doors give into the upper aft deck with its large round table, offering an alternative dining area.
Please use proper words in future books.....she gave in to him not she gave into him.

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