TOO HOT TO HANDLE...a firestorm about to unleash

Saturday, January 9, 2016

HELL YEAH, this Western romance is all about a need for speed!
And 'some'...
Margo Santero isn't an ordinary girl.
As a barrel racer on a rodeo circuit, hanging around ropers, bronco busters, and bull riders she's toughened up. A lot!
On the run for over a year, she isn't naïve.
Foolish to think she is.
Would you be?
rodeo girls cowgirls gif
From ZERO TO 60 this fireball Western romance hurls
MARGO SANTERO into the crosshairs of a Marine recently discharged from duty.
ROD McLEMORE is the cousin of the McLemore brothers.
We met him in Collared By the Cowboy.
Rod and his brother Cade are the darker versions of Matt, Stephen, Brandon, Rory, and Miller.
Rod and Cade have been through hell and back, serving four tours of duty overseas.

MARGO SANTERO ~Megan Etcheberry
ROD McLEMORE ~ Brad Pitt
420 scorchin’ pages.

Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon
Early release starts January 11.
Official party hard starts on January 12!
Never Say Never: 86-page prequel released Jan 5, 2016.
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“Baby,” I groaned, pounding into her and making her climax the way she begged me for. Merciless. Raw. To the point that I’d hurt her—I wanted to. Fuuuck.
 How can I hunger to hurt her? She’s tiny. A woman. I had her by eight inches and could capably deliver brute force. Had I finally snapped?
“Please, Rod,” she begged, “Don’t hold back.”
Curling my arm tighter around her waist, I hauled her hips higher, and thrust my fingers so deep inside her she whimpered.
Hurt wasn’t the right word. Even as I hungered to spank her, bruise her skin, it wasn’t an act to harm her. It was primal, an urge—animalistic.
Shit, I withdrew my fingers and spun her around. “You’re mine to fuck. Say it.”
     Looking dazed and glowing, she whispered, “I’m yours.”
SAT SPANKS teaser ends here.

More hot stuff...
the rest of the TOO HOT teaser is below

My cock throbbed for her. We couldn’t continue here. Not with how I needed to fuck her. I lifted her panties, and lowered her dress. “Soon, you’re going to find out what that means.”
I controlled her pleasure. And her pain.
She wanted me to fuck her past the point of no return—yeah, I was more than willing. I had to get a few things besides a box of condoms from the nearby Stop-N-Go. Then I’d give her exactly what she begged me for. I envisioned tying her wrists and ankles…spanking, bruising, biting her body. I committed to fucking her for hours on end as she yelled my name.
Margo gripped my arm. “But I need you. Now.”
Pulling her to me, I kissed her mouth. Soft. Sweet. “You’ll wait.
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*1 note: Megan Etcheberry dreamcast as Margo. That girl sure can fly!



Leigh Smith said...

Too Hot to Handle indeed. Love the snippet.

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Sometimes sweet and gentle simply doesn't get the job done, and I'd say these two know exactly how to scratch the other's itch.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Great snippet, Susan, and congrats on the release!

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