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Friday, December 18, 2015



W e l c o m e    t o  T W O simultaneous blog hops on deck:
Sat Spankings and Christmas Treats.
Together, we're hopping in a rip-roaring affirmation that chaos is okay!
It's fine if the stockings aren't hung.

Rx: A Sexy Christmas Treat
As long as the house isn't on fire, it's ALL GOOD!
How can I say that?

We've cleaned, shopped, and decorated. 
And soon if not right now, we deserve a repose and a bit of romance. 
And what better way, than a sexy flight of fancy.
Kick back and take five. Heck take ten. Twenty. Thirty minutes.

If anyone asks, this is for your health. Christ on a cracker, it is for your sanity! 


And on the Christmas Treat Blog Hop, we're here to help.
Lots of treats and giveaways of the hunky book boyfriend kind.

If you're in the mood for a molten heat, then Saturday Spankings delivers.
 In the spirit of the holiday, I'm offering a sizzling Christmas tale. 
Brett Gold, NFL Dallas Devils tight end, is about to cross the Atlantic in search of a wayward filly.
Brett and Cory McLemore from the bestselling Bad Boys

 series are about to make history in the city of love.


It's winter and a snowstorm has got Cory McLemore caught in Paris.

“You’ve crossed the line,” he replied. “I’ll take care of getting what we need. I should’ve done this much sooner.”

There was a steel edge of resignation in his voice. Like he’d gotten over his anger and accepted partial blame for her not getting to the airport. But that was silly, how could he mend her unruliness… She’d given her word. Then tacitly agreed to an anything goes night.

“Sweetheart,” she hissed a stream of air tinged by lust and fueled by apprehension.

“Don’t sweetheart me,” he replied curtly. “You might as well know, I take full responsibility for letting you and your tendency to act like a wayward filly get out of control. I’m going to catch up with my obligation.

“I’m not some obligation,” she retorted, not liking one bit where this conversation—or his heated insinuations were going.

“I didn’t say you were. I repeat my obligationYou’re mine Corinth and come June when we exchange vows, you’ll pledge your ability to obey me. That’s not something I take lightly. Come hell or high water, you won’t be saying one thing and doing another, darlin’.”
Brett Gold, NFL tight end for the Dallas Devils in no uncertain terms lays down the law in CATCH Y.O.U. 4 XMAS
Bad Boys Book #8
and part of #satspanks
Let's go!

Free Ebook ~ Part of Kindle Unlimited
Football Sports Romance
 Now it's time to jump to other steamy reads.
Some scorching teasers from the crew at 
Saturday Spankings this December 20 and Yee Haw! Merry Christmas, Y'all.

Otherwise, onward to the #christmastreat holiday giveaway.

Jason Witten as Brett

Blake Lively as Cory
Cory McLemore is about to come face to face with a wall of trouble
in the form of a tight end from Dallas aka Brett Gold.
In Book #4, Brett and Cory met on the fly,
reconnected hard and fast,
then by the end of one whirlwind GIRL'S NIGHT OUT, they fell in love.
Now, in Book #8 
Catch Y.O.U. for Xmas,
limits are about to be pushed,
and 'someone' is about to find out who's boss!

Brett isn't about to lose his cool. He's fully aware of what he signed up for with Cory when he made the best catch of his life in snagging her as his fiancĂ©e. But something’s got to give, and he's come up with a plan. One that will inspire his spitfire to do what she says, when she says it.

Once he gets ahold of her, it's about to get hotter than hell in Paris this Christmas!

Warning: gorgeous NFL baller connects with wayward filly. Sparks. Smoke. And lots and lots of HOLIDAY FIRE in this steamy romance.

SOOOOOO if you'd like to maintain your sanity, then do yourself a favor: take a mini vacation each day. And treat yourself.
While on break, if you're in the market for a holiday romance set in Paris,
comment below to win an ebook copy of CATCH Y.O.U. 4 XMAS. One comment will be selected.
What's your favorite Christmas or holiday treat that you secretly indulge?
Remember I'll need a way to contact you, so leave an email or social media link in a comment below.

Stop by each blog for a chance to win fabulous books & gifties for the Holidays!

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Renee Rose said...

hot cocoa is my fave christmas treat! reneeroseauthor

Meredith said...

Cocoa, rice krispie treats, sugar cookies, extra time off from work!

Kanoko said...

I don't think it's any secret at all, actually, but I do tend to overindulge in mint chocolate. I see one, I buy it. :3

Kanoko said...

^ Whoa, oops!
Thank you!

Sharon Hall-Richardson said...

Lots of drinking

Sacha Rollock said...

Peppermint bark and spiked eggnog!

Jenny Dauksa Schaber said...

My guilty pleasures this time of year are:
Potato pancakes smothered in sour cream
Oreo Rice Krispie treats
and more Tequila Rose than you can imagine.

Jenny Dauksa Schaber said...

I'm as bad as everyone email is

orelukjp0 said...

I love chocolate chip cookies.

Thank you for the wonderful contest.

alwssa12 said...

I love cake, a lot of fruit cake filled with oranges, pineapple and bananas and with melted chocolate on top.

Barbara Stoker said...

I love sugar cookies with Hersey hugs and Hersey candy cane hugs in the middle. Oh and edible Christmas tree's that my son and all the neighborhood kids make. Thanks for the chance

Holly Letson said...

I'm very open about eating sweets. I love cookies, but my favorite sweet for Christmas is Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.

Ashley Charlebois said...

I'm not big on eating sweets. But when I do indulge it's on cheesecake. Mmm. So good.

Twitter;; :)

bn100 said...

apple pie

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Kim Holliday said...

My favorite Christmas treat is chocolate peanut butter balls like my grandmother used to make...YUM!

Andra Dalton said...

One of my favorite indulgences this time of year is expresso triple chocolate chip cookies!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!! Happy Holidays!!!:)

Andra Dalton said...

One of my favorite indulgences this time of year is expresso triple chocolate chip cookies!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!! Happy Holidays!!!:)

Tiana Starks said...

Hot chocolate with cinnamon. Thank you for the chance.

Julia BookReader said...

I eat a lot of Mantecol ( a sort of semi-soft nougat made from peanut butter)

E.L. F. said...

I love See's candies...but I tend to indulge throughout the year, not just at Christmas, lol. I love the pictures, thanks for sharing (and reminding us to take a break!). Happy Holidays!

Susan Arden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan Arden said...

Barbara Stoker is the winner! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ENTERING.I hope you have a safe (due to weather) and very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Kindest regards,

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