The Cowboy Rode a Harley. Here comes TROUBLE.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Say 'Hello' to Stephen McLemore.
Cocky as hell?
And a cowboy?
Check all those boxes.

New Cover. Updated with missing scenes and complete edit.

     After walking away from love, Stephen McLemore turned into the town Harley riding manwhore. But once upon a time, he was a knight on a motocross circuit when he stole a kiss from his friend’s sister. Gillian was sixteen, innocent, and hands-off. A hot mess he backed away from before crossing the line.

     But not before shattering her heart. Gillian takes refuge behind a smart mouth in her dance studio, and is doing just fine. With an offer from Hollywood to star in Who Wants To Be Famous, nothing is out of her reach... except for the love of her life. This Texas spitfire isn’t waiting for stardust dreams to come true. Not when a kiss left a hole in her a mile wide.
     When Gillian’s girlhood flame shows up buck naked in her bed, cuffed no less to the bedframe, something has got to give. This isn’t about second chances. This is about settling a score. Even if that cowboy’s cocky attitude and self-confidence are too hot to ignore a second time around.

     Together Gillian and Stephen are like flint and gasoline. Where there’s smoke, there’s still a fire. And honey, someone is gonna get burnt.

     As sparks fly and secrets come to light, Gillian must decide if all that glitters has blinded her for too long. Especially when a Harley riding dirty-talkin’ cowboy has all the right moves.
Jason Aldean - Burnin' It Down

Hell yeah!


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