Sex, Love, Fame, or Money. What would you take?

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Last Fling & Lessons Learned

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Temptation is only the beginning.

Eliza signs the erotic service agreement and crosses the threshold into Graham
s bedroom and his Manhattan lifestyle. Within the glitterati, she is given anything her heart desires except the ability to break through the invisible ties that bind her. With Graham's domination, she succumbs to the intoxicating power of submitting to him in bed.  
A world away from the beaches of Miami, Eliza's hungry to learn the secrets behind the man who holds her a willing captive. The man whose insatiable appetite might just break her. It's a point of no return if she agrees to play the edge.


 "Miss Hillwood, care to explain what the hell you’re doing here?” The sound of Graham’s seductively deep voice swept over me from behind and exploded in my head.

I turned so fast I got whiplash. Our gazes connected, and the grimace he wore melted me, sending a jolt of something like apprehension or anticipation deep in my belly. I gaped up at him with my damp hair partially obstructing my view as he stood over me, appearing powerful and all too much a predator. And like prey, I sat there hypnotized by his closeness and captivated by the thought of what he’d do next.

He brushed back some of my bangs. “From your flushed cheeks, I can see you’ve been here awhile.” He glanced around the club as he lightly traced my bottom lip. The feel of fingers on my skin made me hungry for more. “I take it your friends are still out on the dance floor.”

“How do you know who I came with?” I asked, unwilling to get up and throw myself at him.

Dressed in dark jeans and a black button-down shirt that stretched over his muscular chest and broad shoulders, he was sin, sex, and a click away from losing it. And I drank in the sight of him. Graham’s clothing left nothing to the imagination for someone who’d been pinned under him. That person being me.

“I thought I made myself clear when I expressly told you to go home and call me.” He ran his knuckles along my jaw. “Didn’t I?” The slight kicked-up curl to his smile gave me the distinct impression the soreness between my legs would be nothing compared to what he had in store.

I wet my lips, his focus trained on my tongue, and I swallowed. Seeing the heat in his eyes build, I struggled to breathe. The pounding music on the dance floor echoed in my heartbeat, thudding way too loud in my chest. I knew he wasn’t here to share a drink. He fully intended on delivering something we both remembered. His eyes glinted brighter, and he gave me a look that promised he’d consume me without mercy.

“I forgot. Things got a little weird,” I offered, plastering innocence over my face.

“Eliza,” he growled my name in a low rasp filled with hunger and frustration.

I twisted my fingers in my lap. “Look, this is my last night out with friends. Besides, I don’t see you sitting at home knitting a scarf. Why should I when that’s what I’ll be doing for the next six months, if you have your over-the-top way?” That had to be the alcohol talking—this played into what we both wanted, and I never made things this easy. For anyone.

“Do you remember the last time we had to take a short walk?” His arched brow sent a dart of excitement racing up my spine.

“Oh, me and a few places in my body remember more than well.”

He leaned in and whispered up against my cheek, “That tone, Ms. Hillwood.”



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Laurel Lasky said...

I would take the money. Then I could have fame, sex and lots of fun.

Kristin Elyon said...

Love. It is all you need... <3 I don't think you could be truly happy without it. My email is! Thank you for participating!

Felicity Nichols said...

Love, as much as my hubs and I fight our love is what keeps us together. THanks for the chance!

Stevie MacFarlane said...

Love, fame and money can be fleeting. Of course I would want plenty of sex along with it, lol

Holla Dean said...

I'd take the money. I already have the love.

Corinne Alexander said...

Love, every day of the week!

Lillyanna Rose said...

Love ♥
JordanLillyannaRose@Gmail. Com

Anonymous said...


Kyra Tinker said...

Love is the most important thing in the world.

Signed up for newsletter.

Angelia Almos said...

Hmmm. Hard choice between Love and Money? I think at this point of my debt-life I'd prefer the money.

author @ angeliaalmos . com

Jolynn Raymond said...

Hum.. It has to be love. Money would mean a lot less stress, but I couldn't ever be happy without my wife.

Tara Finnegan said...

I love the excerpt, I think Eliza will get better at remembering :)

Love - hopefully it should bring the sex along with it!
Fame is often lonely and confusing - why do so many celebrities go crazy? and money might buy material comforts, but it cannot buy friendship and love.

Tara Finnegan said...

I love the excerpt, I think Eliza will get better at remembering :)

Love - hopefully it should bring the sex along with it!
Fame is often lonely and confusing - why do so many celebrities go crazy? and money might buy material comforts, but it cannot buy friendship and love.

Danielle Logan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danielle Logan said...

I already have love and sex, so I am going with money.

Leigh Smith said...

Love the excerpt. Love is my answer.

Zoe said...

I'll take love any day. Thanks for the excerpt.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I always say love when asked this question but I could sure use the money. Loved this scene!
bluemascara22 at gmail dot com

Kirsten said...

Love. It would probably lead to sex. Money isn't everything, and fame is overrated!

Renee M said...

I would take the money and then find the love, sex and who needs fame.

Heare2Watts said...

Love the excerpt, and it sure makes me what to know more. Don't care about fame, got some $$ put away, been married for 38 years, since I was 18, Love have kept us together. But Damn I miss the sex! (his problem not mine)

Marybeth Renn said...

Love...the rest are just transitory.

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