How to Break a Bad Boy? Here's One for the SPANK BANK ~

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Why in the hell had he held this hard-line of no sex? No reason, except he must have been unequivocally delusional.

Holy fuck. They were both naked, and all he had to do was open her thighs, position his crown to her heat, and they could find intense relief. Together.

Just oral! He fought to make sense of why hed set that boundary. His cock was beyond steel-pipe-hard. Hed better find his self-control, and soon.

He dipped his head, kissing her knee, moving his hands lower on her thighs. Slowly, he spread Sommers legs, opening her knees to him. Her pink, sleek skin glistened and he marveled at how beautiful she waslying on the bed in front of him. Baby, he murmured. Open your lovely thighs wider.

He repositioned himself and dropped down, wedging his shoulders in between her legs. When he glanced upward into her face, their gazes cinched together as he spread her pussy open with his fingers. Youre so wet. He flexed his hips, rubbing his hard-on against the mattress. He was close. So unbelievably close to exploding.

Sommer twisted the sheets in her hands, and he couldnt wait a second longer. He lowered his mouth, swiping his tongue over her, and a bolt of pleasure jetted through his body at the contact between his mouth and her pussy.

He pulled her hips closer to him, licking and sucking on what felt like wet silk under his tongue and lips. He listened and absorbed what made Sommer go tense and what had her swiveling her hips and moaning. She raked her fingers over his head, tangling them in his hair, and pulling. Sometimes yankinglike when he licked her clit. Harder if he tongued, sucked, and scraped his teeth over the erect satiny tip. He had to feel more of her and moved his finger to her entrance, then slid inside her, groaning as she clenched around him. Tight. Hot. Wet.


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