Writing: A Hot, Paint Peeling Process

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm going to take my shirt, pants, and rings off. We're about to strip down and talk the talk.
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One never writes in a vacuum. Sure, as an author, I sit alone in front of a computer but the room is never empty as a slew of “others” surround me. For the most part, they’re imprisoned within my head. Regardless, there are a few non-fictional types who offer support, motivation to keep going when the writer within wants to stop, and are they come with quips, comebacks, and experience.


And that’s the reason for the season: other writers.

Ø The one that smacked me in the head and said, “Wake up!” Jane Hunt.

Ø The writer within: me.

Ø Other writers I read: Becky and Virginia (emergency stand-in).


3-2-1 Let’s go!


Why talk about the process of writing? In this instance, I received an invitation by a fellow writer, Jane Hunt. Jane and I have known each other since we entered a writing competition well over a year ago. So if you’re thinking about going the distance, then jump. You never know who is out there and sometimes they’re super awesome!!


Check out Jane and her incredible paranormal fantasy fairy tale, The Dragon Legacy. It’s on the order of Yum!! from start to finish. http://jolliffe01.com/2014/02/10/my-writing-process-blog-hop/




As a writer, join in the party where we’re forever asked what are we working on...


It seems I’m never without the company of a very, very BAD BOY. And this week is no different. Book 5 from the Texas erotic romance series and this book puts scorching-crazy-hot off the charts as in Brandon McLemore, rancher by day, BDSM club owner and head Dom by night. Enter one grad student, Mia Santero under the guise of researching BDSM for her thesis, but really sweetheart, secretly she explores being a submissive and LOVES IT! Brandon claims her, collars her, falls for her…until she goes missing.


So how does my work differ from others? Hmm, not a whole lot in some aspects. I do stick to romance genre requirements of an HEA or HFN. I guess when a reader dives into a story I’ve spun, they should be prepared for the heat level. Molten, so hot it peels paint. Plus, there’s a mash up going down in weaving together various subgenres. Girls’ Night Out tangles sports, erotic rom, Western, new adult fiction, multicultural lit. So yeah, I’m interested in layered tales.

Why I write this stuff? The voices nattering on in my head require an outlet. My husband thanks my publishers profusely!

When asked what my process like…

Lots of hot showers to relax the brain, long walks, visualizations, character casting calls. Then it’s a process of getting to know two people I’m going to spend two, three, four weeks with from dawn to dusk. Thinking about what the characters were like as a child, growing up, each as a unique adult so much I wonder and decide what he/she has in the fridge, wallet, compartment in his/her car. Her favorite song. His favorite...you get my meaning.

Safe to say, I get to know the H/h way down D-E-E-P.

My job is to provide my hero and heroine with a foundation, voice, and then wings. Finally, I introduce these two in an airport or parking lot or club… 3-2-1 and it’s launch time. Clear the way, time to race to the computer as I try to type as fast as I can when the spark between them ignites, ‘cause baby, it’s one hell of a ride!


So that my pretties, is the process for this crazy wordsmith.


And now, I’m passing the baton to some pretty awesome romance writers who make me laugh and sigh, cry and wriggle impatiently for their for their next love story.


Becky Flade. Sassy word wench with a super HAWT release. If you like paranormal  OR suspense erotic thrillers...and you like in white-hot crazy, Becky delivers!

Check out her recent scorching release Goddess of the Hunt

 George Takei Oh My

Virginia Woolf. Writer from the heart, giving serious spin to smex. Check out Virginia for some tension filled action that will leave you breathless.

STALK HER: http://???
In our dreams...




jolliffe said...

Fab post Susan. No wonder your characters are always so real and wonderful. Happy Writing :-)

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