Writing: A Hot, Paint Peeling Process

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm going to take my shirt, pants, and rings off. We're about to strip down and talk the talk.
aniston millers


One never writes in a vacuum. Sure, as an author, I sit alone in front of a computer but the room is never empty as a slew of “others” surround me. For the most part, they’re imprisoned within my head. Regardless, there are a few non-fictional types who offer support, motivation to keep going when the writer within wants to stop, and are they come with quips, comebacks, and experience.


And that’s the reason for the season: other writers.

Ø The one that smacked me in the head and said, “Wake up!” Jane Hunt.

Ø The writer within: me.

Ø Other writers I read: Becky and Virginia (emergency stand-in).


3-2-1 Let’s go!


Why talk about the process of writing? In this instance, I received an invitation by a fellow writer, Jane Hunt. Jane and I have known each other since we entered a writing competition well over a year ago. So if you’re thinking about going the distance, then jump. You never know who is out there and sometimes they’re super awesome!!


Check out Jane and her incredible paranormal fantasy fairy tale, The Dragon Legacy. It’s on the order of Yum!! from start to finish. http://jolliffe01.com/2014/02/10/my-writing-process-blog-hop/




As a writer, join in the party where we’re forever asked what are we working on...


It seems I’m never without the company of a very, very BAD BOY. And this week is no different. Book 5 from the Texas erotic romance series and this book puts scorching-crazy-hot off the charts as in Brandon McLemore, rancher by day, BDSM club owner and head Dom by night. Enter one grad student, Mia Santero under the guise of researching BDSM for her thesis, but really sweetheart, secretly she explores being a submissive and LOVES IT! Brandon claims her, collars her, falls for her…until she goes missing.


So how does my work differ from others? Hmm, not a whole lot in some aspects. I do stick to romance genre requirements of an HEA or HFN. I guess when a reader dives into a story I’ve spun, they should be prepared for the heat level. Molten, so hot it peels paint. Plus, there’s a mash up going down in weaving together various subgenres. Girls’ Night Out tangles sports, erotic rom, Western, new adult fiction, multicultural lit. So yeah, I’m interested in layered tales.

Why I write this stuff? The voices nattering on in my head require an outlet. My husband thanks my publishers profusely!

When asked what my process like…

Lots of hot showers to relax the brain, long walks, visualizations, character casting calls. Then it’s a process of getting to know two people I’m going to spend two, three, four weeks with from dawn to dusk. Thinking about what the characters were like as a child, growing up, each as a unique adult so much I wonder and decide what he/she has in the fridge, wallet, compartment in his/her car. Her favorite song. His favorite...you get my meaning.

Safe to say, I get to know the H/h way down D-E-E-P.

My job is to provide my hero and heroine with a foundation, voice, and then wings. Finally, I introduce these two in an airport or parking lot or club… 3-2-1 and it’s launch time. Clear the way, time to race to the computer as I try to type as fast as I can when the spark between them ignites, ‘cause baby, it’s one hell of a ride!


So that my pretties, is the process for this crazy wordsmith.


And now, I’m passing the baton to some pretty awesome romance writers who make me laugh and sigh, cry and wriggle impatiently for their for their next love story.


Becky Flade. Sassy word wench with a super HAWT release. If you like paranormal  OR suspense erotic thrillers...and you like in white-hot crazy, Becky delivers!

Check out her recent scorching release Goddess of the Hunt

 George Takei Oh My

Virginia Woolf. Writer from the heart, giving serious spin to smex. Check out Virginia for some tension filled action that will leave you breathless.

STALK HER: http://???
In our dreams...



Get ready to roar~~COLLARED BY THE COWBOY Sneak Peek on #SatSpanks

Saturday, February 15, 2014

     Brandon could almost feel his cock sliding between Mia's legs and held back from groaning at the imaginary rush he got envisioning the way he’d fist her hair and thrust into her from behind. Strike that—the first thing he’d do was spank her ass repeatedly for getting him this on edge and ready to roar.
     “You coming or what?” Pen asked at the door.
   For a second Brandon's dick jerked, tucked up behind his zipper and ready to ride. Oh yeah, he was on the verge.
     “Bringing up the rear,” he muttered. Fuck, why didn’t he feel his previous commitment to being done with Mia. Each second he spent in her company, the valley of regret widened exponentially.
    “You might start with closing your mouth.” Pen lowered his voice. “Give her a chance for Pete’s sake."

If you enjoy some Texas heat, please add this erotic tale
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Releasing March 2014  ~ A Bad Boys Novel

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Bad Boys Hurt Sooooooo Good!
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Hurts sooo good! GIRLS' NIGHT OUT...come feel the burn #SATSPANKS

Saturday, February 8, 2014

This week it’s officially a Love Spanks weekend!

~Hurts sooooo good!~

Saturday Spankings is the ambassador for this hop for hot reads and prizes, so come on!
It’s a longer, hotter weekend too! Just in time to take the chill off the bite of winter with some scorching romance.


Brett’s gaze dropped for a blink, then he lifted his eyes and met hers. He tipped her face up to him. “You said you trusted me.”

“I do.” She pulled herself closer to him. His body was an inferno and lit a fire in between her legs.

“Do you really believe that I was trying to improve my reputation by dating you?” She noticed a flicker in his eyes. Pain, and then it was gone, but not before it pricked her.

Without hesitating, she said, “I don’t think so. No.”

“So, you just went with a fly by the seat of your pants feeling?”

She stared at him. It was true. “Pretty much.”

His lips curved slightly, mockingly. “That means it’s the seat of your pants where the problem resides.”

“So you want to have at the seat of my pants,” she snorted, then gasped. It suddenly dawned on her where this was headed and her face went all sorts of hot. She swallowed. “I’ve never done anything like that.”

“I didn’t think so,” he whispered, his voice dropping down low, a gravelly caress over her skin.

When he placed his hands on her hips, pulling her up against him, the feeling was overpowering. He leaned over her and lifted her hair. Dipping his head, he brushed his mouth over her ear. Taking the delicate shell into his mouth, he bit down with enough pressure to make her moan out loud. She hooked her fingers into his belt loops to keep herself from staggering backwards. “You might like a little pain. It might help you to remember. Maybe tonight you need a lesson on what it means to act impulsively. You said you trusted me.”

“What are you saying?” She pushed her hands up from the waist of his pants, away from his zipper that she wanted to lower and take hold of him. This magnetic draw to him had ramped up, more so given her hands were on him, running over the contours she’d begun to memorize. She didn’t want this to end. God, she’d done enough impulsive things in her life; if what he offered was to spank her, she ached to feel it.

“Let me show you what it means to trust me.”

“I trust you.”

He held her chin, meeting her eyes. “I won’t do anything to hurt you. Ever.”

A shaky breath slipped from her mouth. “I believe you.”

 * * *

 Inside the spare bedroom of her cousin’s house, with the door locked, Brett had Cory naked and over his lap. “This is just so you know what to expect if you ever put yourself in danger again. You could have gotten hurt or worse. If you want to leave, I’ll drive you where you want to go or make arrangements to get you transported safely.”

“Yes.” She arched up to look over her shoulder and he held her down, his hand rubbing a circle over her thigh, her bottom and back around. He stopped; his hand lifted and a half-formed thought about him relenting flashed through her mind.

And smack! Her brain buzzed with an explosion of light tinged by jagged pain. Biting and then she realized it was the skin on her bottom that stung. Red-hot and he did it again. To the other side.

“Please,” she hissed. Eyes closed. “That hurts.”

“Tell me to stop.” He caressed her bottom, his large palm flat against her skin as she squirmed on top of his lap. Dressed only in jeans, Brett’s warm torso came into contact with her naked bottom as he pressed her down onto his muscular thighs.

She wouldn’t tell him to stop. Not after he’d withstood a beat down.  “Go ahead.”

He smacked her bottom ten more times alternating sides and making her count, and then instructed her to thank him. Can you imagine!

“Thank you,” she blubbered, her eyes stinging from salty tears. She blinked them away by the time he hauled her upright to sit on his lap. She was very naked, and the feel of his jeans under her bottom was decadent.

He laid her down on the mattress and dropped his pants revealing his rock solid cock hugging his abs. “There isn’t anything nice about using someone. I’d never do that to you.” He went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of lotion.

Turning her over, he hoisted her hips into the air. He rubbed her ass cheeks with the lotion that immediately cooled the burn. His breath caressed her skin. “Beautiful. Pink, and so damn perfect. I’d love to do more than run my hands over this part of your body. But not tonight. I want to take care of you.”

He kissed the skin over her ass, tracing the seam of her bottom, when all of sudden he grunted and separated her ass cheeks to slide his finger over the surface, drawing out the moment. He let out a low groan before he grazed her sex.

“Brett,” she moaned, wiggling her hips. She ached for him and his suggestions.

He slid his finger into her, then out. “Is this what you want?” Without waiting for her response, he slipped two fingers back inside her.

“I should be the one taking care of you. Her voice hiked up as she gave into the pleasure of his fingers.

“You showed me that you trust me. That means so much.” He stroked his fingers into her, his erection nudging her hip, and glistening at the top.

A tight coiling ache filled her body. His face was swollen and the bruises were darkening. The look of lust in his eyes undid her, making her body tingle. She moved to a kneeling position as he pumped his fingers into her.

“Lie down,” she whispered, placing her hands on his shoulders and pushing him backward onto the bed. “Let me.”

He let her take the lead, settling back against the pillows, one arm folded under his head. Watching her, he kept his hands down. “What should I do?”

“Nothing. Not yet at least.”

He was fully erect. Crystal clear liquid dripped from the head of his cock, and she bent down and took hold of him. She licked her tongue around, tasting him and wanting more.

Cory sucked his shaft into her mouth, holding him around the base, and enjoying the spasms that unfurled across his body, and the spread of chill bumps over his skin. His nipples puckered into hard peaks as his skin tightened. She could tell he was close.  She released him as she climbed over his hips.

“Do you have a condom?”

Brett’s lips curled up at one corner. He held out his palm and she stared at the shiny blue packet. Taking it, she swiped her fingertips over his skin, and a jolt zinged up her arm. “Sure you don’t want some help?” he asked in a gravelly voice.

“I think I can do it.” She tore the pack and removed the circular disk of latex. She turned the condom over in her hand and gently held on to his shaft with trembling fingers.

“Grip me, like you mean it. I’m hardly fragile, baby.”

Oh, he’d proven that today, hadn’t he? His face was a mass of bruises and cuts, and lower she could make out the bruises on his ribs under the rippling muscle. She sucked in a breath on thinking about what he’d suffered because of her blockheaded impulsive streak.

She nodded and held his titanium shaft firmly, then rolled the condom down his length. She dug her knees along the side of his narrow hips, holding his fully-swathed cock up between her thighs. Lifting up, she swiped him across herself and a shiver unleashed over her skin. His hard body felt incredible. “I’m going to ride you until you come.”

On top of him, she began flexing her hips, finding that perfect combination of moving faster while taking him deeper. His eyes darkened into shades of green she’d known to exist only inside the pine forests that surrounded the ranch.  But his eyes weren’t cool and shadowy. Flames were ready to burst from Brett’s gaze and singe her skin. Her body was on fire riding on top of this man. He squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers as he told her how beautiful she was fucking his brains out.

Amazon Bestseller Sports Romance
A Bad Boys Novel


NFL inspiration...yeah, there is a real Brett Gold

Hello Rob Gronkowski
On The Cover Of ESPN's 'Body Issue'


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SWEETEST CURSE ~ Erotic Mermaid Fantasy Cover Reveal and #GIVEAWAY

Monday, February 3, 2014


SWEETEST CURSE A Miami Mermaids Novel (Book 2)

From Ocean of Love ~ Miami Mermaids (Book 1)
Risk isn't something Marissa does well...her mermaid life depends upon secrecy and well laid plans, not blind dates and mojitos. But when her newest client, Wyatt Herndon walks into her realtor life all thoughts, plans, panties pretty much ignite. Wyatt needs a broker, not a gorgeous siren to set his fantasies on fire.

Sparks fly over dinner from their out-of-control chemistry leaving Marissa and Wyatt ready to combust. During a night of crazy hot passion, they are put on a collision course with destiny. Convinced he's found his dream girl, Wyatt wakes up and finds Marissa missing from his bed. In short order he discovers Marissa really is a siren with a closetful of secrets. Does being a mermaid become the ultimate deal breaker, or will Wyatt go after a love that includes finding his soul mate?

MIAMI MERMAIDS (Book 1) ~ The story of Undine's (Ondine's) Curse Adult Fairy Tale

EXPLICIT CONTENT: Mermaid fantasy written in the fairy tale style of a happy-ever-after and then some.

SWEETEST CURSE (Book 2) is releasing March 2014 Marissa's and Wyatt's story continues and this time Destiny is on the warpath when her painstaking plans are pulled apart by one headstrong mermaid.
Goodreads Link

A version similar to this one, monogrammed just for you!

Ocean of Love and Sweetest Curse are fairy tales that address the myth of Undine's (Ondine's) Curse.
My daughter was diagnosed with Ondine's curse aka CCHS when she was a few hours old.
The shock of the doctor's unofficial diagnosis, and then the four months she spent in the hospital still clench my heart but truly love does work miracles in life. Ondine's curse is a congenital syndrome where an infant is unable to properly ventilate herself and requires assistance generally while asleep (and sometimes around-the-clock) through the use of a ventilator, or as my daughter had when she was an adult, phrenic nerve pacing.
CCHS is short for the condition known as Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome and involves more than a child's respiratory system for this is a neurological syndrome.
For more information on CCHS, please visit their website: http://cchsnetwork.org/
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19541432-sweetest-curse

HOT DAMN Girls' Night Out ~ Come over for a SPANKING GOOD TIME #SatSpank

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Eight sentences we share with you.
This is the third exclusive excerpt from Girls' Night Out
Super scorcher from the Bad Boys series. Let's go!

“There isn’t anything nice about using someone. I’d never do that to you.” He went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of lotion.

Turning her over, he hoisted her hips into the air. He rubbed her ass cheeks with the lotion that immediately cooled the burn. His breath caressed her skin. “Beautiful. Pink, and so damn perfect. I’d love to do more than run my hands over this part of your body. But not tonight. I want to take care of you.” 
Amazon Bestseller
A Bad Boys Novel
 Just released in print as well.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Amazon Bestseller
A Bad Boys Novel
 Just released in print as well.
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