Thursday, October 2, 2014

DRAGON HEART ~So freaking HOT! Cover Reveal!!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Take a trip down teaser lane: PLAYING THE EDGE




Hot, hot, boy it's hot. If you're into raw chemistry, check out Tempted and Seduced ~ Playing the #Edge. 5-star scalding review up on
Bookworm Bettie's Blog.

Friday, September 19, 2014

SEDUCED: Full Attention ~ #SatSpanks

Hard to believe that I craved to feel the crack of his palm, but I couldnt lie. I did and I wanted more.

What hed done with his hand on my bottom had gotten my full attention. My heart thudded so fast I feared it might explode.

The way he slowly let his eyes travel down my body wasnt helping. His gaze raked over me, stalling at my thighs. The hem of my dress pooled at my hips from the way hed spread my knees to permit him total visual access. I longed to unearth what he thought behind his smooth façade. I wanted to see him come as undone as I felt at the moment. But what would get him to the edge? He couldnt be as cold and calculating as his reputation suggested.

He kissed my forehead, his lips lingering for a second. Our relationship, like anything worth having, will take work.
CLICK HERE TO JUMP TO the Saturday Spankings Blog. Lots more heat from talented authors await your pleasure.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Playing the #EDGE~~Ten TRUTHS and a LIE.

Ten Truths and a lie

Sometimes fiction isn’t a 100% fake.  

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 David, yeah I know. Don't crash 'cause it's true.   Especially when it comes to Playing the Edge. This series is actually one story told in parts...installments. Tempted, Seduced, and Taken are about Eliza Hillwood and Graham Gordon.
A modern My Fairy Lady where Graham is driven to the edge by Eliza from the start.
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   Graham becomes obsessed in getting Eliza to agree to being his contracted concubine with the goal of teaching her all about the sugarkink lifestyle, which takes a dark dive in book #3.
   Eliza goes from living a mundane life
to adjusting to the glitterati lifestyle
to mastering the beautiful people she meets.
If only her 
were as easy to harness...or Graham's over the top ability to make her scream for all the right reasons.
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As a writer, I use experiences to fuel stories. Can you guess which are in fact

FACTS and which is fiction?
Okay, here goes...

· I’m a registered yoga teacher

· Yep, I’ve got a butterfly tattoo

· I once met a man and discussed Kandinsky art.

· Sure did live in Miami—know it like the back of my hand.

· I’ve been to MOMA and seen van Gogh’s painting, The Starry Night upstairs.

· Went around in a VW Thing, a convertible VW bug, and then a hardtop bug. I LURF VWs!!

· I’m acquainted with childhood abuse close-up

· I was almost plowed over by a car and ended up on a date with the driver

· I’ve been to Midtown a few times and stood staring up at tall tall buildings.

· I’ve gone to the Everglades and it’s more than a government swamp. (LOL!)

· I’m forever having to be reminded to eat…unless it’s candy. Brightly colored. Everything else is just blah. Except mangos and fish and plantains.
Can you guess which is the tall tale fakery?

Here's something that isn't fake. Edge Blog Tour and Sephora gift card giveaway plus decadent swag bag filled with wicked delights.


Monday, September 15, 2014


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