Beautiful Betrayal: Mafia backed Senator hooks up with Irish mob princess.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Sexy-minded bookworms with a taste for twisted, dark deceit climb aboard this train wreck romance!

Alex Elliott and Susan Arden rock your world full-tilt!
Romance readers, if you have a sinful side that needs to be freed,
come on. Beautiful Betrayal is an enemies-to-lovers romance but it's so much more. This series promises to be nothing like you're ever going to read. It crosses a line and draws from experience.
One writer spent time in D.C.
The other has first-hand knowledge of the underground world... don't ask. It was a long time ago.

Originally posted online in 2014.
Within a couple of months it gained 180,000 reads
and over 1,650+ reviews.

Published briefly as Dirty Little Secrets in 2015
the series was reworked to include the family and the hero's history.
It's back as the bestselling Beautiful Betrayal series.

Beautiful Betrayal series is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Let's clarify by what we mean dirty: the man's done things. Bad boy: he's inked, pierced, and uses semi-automatic weapons with finesse.

When we say suspense, we're talking victims, executions, elections,
murder, money, fast cars, private jets, elite lifestyles,
Irish Mob
Calabria mafia
power, pain.
Don't be fooled by others supposed dirty political romances.
Senator Atticus Damian Stone is the original bad boy in D.C.

In truth, he's smoke & mirrors. A sham. Atticus is broken. He's done enough to require a bodyguard. Stone doesn't pretend to be a saint. That would be his uncle. 

Stone's a congressman with a taste for dirty, dark... hair-pulling action. He's met his match in a woman who has secrets to hide. Phoenix X O'Malley hails from a family running a savage game to win at any cost. Beware of pastels and pearls and a summer on the Cape. It's a prison sentence to 'X' and one she's about to escape.

Powerful people will topple. Dynasties will battle like Titans. When the dust clears, the truth will hobble a nation.

Make no mistake, there's only one SENATOR series. It's Dirty Little Secrets all grown up into a true romance suspense series.

If you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, read it for #FREE.

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Next Stop Red-Hot Romance: Her Forever Cowboy

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A rancher on a mission.
A dance teacher ready to settle a score.
Together they're flint and fuel.

Love tastes sweeter a second time
but cuts twice as deep.
Stephen McLemore and Jillian Sinclair star in this paint-peeling romance.

He walked away when she was too young to claim.
She fueled his success and taught him to feel again.

Her Forever Cowboy
Book #1 Bad Boys Western Romance

    “No excuses,” he chided her. “A promise is a promise. And I’m a man of my word.”
      Surely, he didn’t mean. “But—” It happened so fast. “Let me go!” She tugged on his arm, lurching upright off his lap. Not easy with one good hand.
    He didn’t utter a word of warning—not unless a grunt counted. He flipped her over and delivered a red-hot rebuttal: two powerful spanks. Moisture filmed her eyes as she squirmed on his lap. He held her in place as her skin radiated and she felt his hand caress her bottom.
     “Now,” Stephen murmured. “Do I have your full attention?”
     “What are you after?” she asked.
     “Sugar, you know what I want.” He rubbed his hand slowly over her flaming rear-end. “What do we need? That might be the bigger issue. And it’s something only you can give.”
   Captivated by the erotic desire he built within her, Jillian closed her eyes, giving into his ability to command her body, mind, and soul. He was right. Why was she fighting? Trust me. His words. Opening her eyes, she met his penetrating stare and practically squeaked, “Trust?”
   “Yep and I’m only asking this once. Either you’re in or out, Sinclair. Do you trust me?”

Bad Boys Western Romances
Her ForeverCowboy ~#1 (Second Chance Love Story)
Girls’ Night Out ~#2 (Football Sports Rom.)
Leather & Lace ~ #3 (Prequel to Collared)
Collared by the Cowboy ~ #4 Bad Boys (BDSM Erotic Rom. Suspense)
Breaking a Bad Boy Takes a Bad Girl ~#5 (Virgin Hero Rom. Suspense)
Bad Boy in Paris ~#6 (Sports Holiday Romance)
Too Hot To Handle ~#7-9 Bad Boys (Military Suspense Romance)
Check out the McLemore Bad Boys on Amazon

*A.M. = Alpha Male

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Her Forever Cowboy
With a hundred years of ranching on the line, Stephen McLemore dove into his career as an explosives engineer. After achieving wealth, power, prestige, he's ready to make his move. He walked away from love, but he never forgot the girl of his dreams. At the time, Jillian Sinclair was 16, a hot mess, and hands-off. Eight years later, is it coincidence or a case of meticulous plotting that brings Jillian face-to-face with the cowboy who kissed her and left? It might not matter. She's grown up, ticked-off, and prepared to settle a score.

Within a family crisis, Stephen and Jillian are powerless to fight their raw desire. From a smolder, their intense attraction combusts. They can't deny that love tastes sweeter the second time. But life throws a curve ball into Stephen's goals. Hollywood comes knocking on Jillian's door with an offer to star in a reality dance TV show.

Be careful what you wish for... There's a very secret, private, and controlling side of the second eldest of the hardcore cattle ranching brothers from Evermore. How far will Stephen go?

The ultimate sacrifice cuts deep. Jillian's once in a lifetime opportunity might be this cowboy's undoing.

A raw passionate, second chance love story that explores the depth of forgiveness and sacrifice, loyalty and trust.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Today in the US we have a certain level of safety. 
But that doesn't mean our national security can't change... into a nightmare.

Published on Mar 5, 2014
A young girl's life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. Support Save The Children.

This is what war does to children. Find out more:
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